Susac slowed by inflammation in wrist

No damage in surgery area; Giants catcher to rest a few days

Susac slowed by inflammation in wrist

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Andrew Susac came to Giants camp looking to put behind him the issues with his right wrist that led to surgery last September, and until Monday he was moving right along in that direction. But a check swing in that night's game has become a speed bump along the way to Opening Day.

After the catcher couldn't really move the wrist the next day, Susac underwent an MRI to make sure he didn't have any damage where loose bodies were removed last year. That came out fine, but he's been sidelined for a few days to allow the inflammation to subside.

"It locked up pretty good on me the morning after that game. That's why I went and got the MRI," Susac said.

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Susac conferred with hand specialist Dr. Donald Sheridan, who is based in Scottsdale. He told Susac it's pretty common to have some inflammation while recovering from the surgery, especially with the day-to-day grind of Spring Training work.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said there was some concern about Susac's wrist but he's optimistic about it at this point of the spring.

"Just a little [concern] because it's in the same area," Bochy said. "But we think he'll be fine in a day or so. He's got time to get back on track here and get the strength back in the wrist."

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