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Fantasy Q&A: Zinkie fields Twitter questions

Fantasy Q&A: Zinkie fields Twitter questions fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript below and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@BmoreBirdsPR: At shortstop, do you prefer Ketel Marte or Eugenio Suarez for 2016?

Fred Zinkie: Most people prefer Marte, but I prefer Suarez. I like his power potential, and he can chip in a few steals.

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@xTaterSaladx: In a keeper league, would you rather keep Madison Bumgarner or Jose Fernandez?

Zinkie: Even though I slightly prefer Bumgarner for 2016, I would keep Fernandez because of his massive long-term potential.

@gabrield31: Would you rather draft Manny Machado or Carlos Correa?

Zinkie: Both are great options. But I would take Correa because of his superiority at the shortstop position.

@andrewdquirk: Would I be wise to draft Jose Abreu over Anthony Rizzo?

Zinkie: Abreu should have a strong season, but Rizzo is a better pick, because he could have a great year in the Cubs' rapidly improving lineup.

@rldest: Would you rather draft Max Scherzer or Chris Sale?

Zinkie: I would take Scherzer, because his schedule should be more forgiving in the National League. If Sale were in the NL, I might go with him.

Scherzer fans five in start

@Mandosv05: From the fifth draft spot in a 10-team league, I'm thinking of building my team around Clayton Kershaw and Scherzer with my initial two picks. Is this a good idea?

Zinkie: Although it is an unusual strategy, I am fine with it. Be prepared to draft hitters with your next six to seven picks.

@mitchanderson15: Do you expect Victor Martinez to have a solid year?

Zinkie: I expect him to warrant a lineup spot in standard leagues. But I do not expect him to make a major impact.

@cgolant13: Do you expect A.J. Reed to begin the year in the Majors?

Zinkie: I do not. But I expect him to arrive soon, which makes him worth a bench spot in most formats. He could make an impact in the first half of 2016.

@mkorff9: Please name five candidates poised for breakout seasons.

Zinkie: Kyle Hendricks, Mookie Betts, Robbie Ray, Jose Peraza and Reed

@BillyLessard27: Please pick two starters from this group: Steven Matz, Drew Smyly, Julio Teheran, Yordano Ventura and Gio Gonzalez.

Zinkie: Smyly and Matz. Ventura would be my third choice.

@MAS8823: Please rank these three starters: Michael Wacha, Danny Salazar and Carlos Martinez.

Zinkie: Salazar, Wacha, Martinez.

@Elrey814: Would you take Kershaw or Machado with the sixth pick in a head-to-head points league?

Zinkie: In virtually any league format, I would take Kershaw over Machado.

Kershaw's five scoreless innings

@wburchett19: Who will have a more productive year: Stephen Piscotty or Randal Grichuk?

Zinkie: Grichuk, but I think it will be close.

@TheLouie09: Do you believe Marcell Ozuna is going to step it up this season?

Zinkie: Yes, I do. His new projected lineup spot (second) is encouraging.

@HowardPM: Do you have any suggestions on first baseman to target after the top-10?

Zinkie: Lucas Duda should be a safe source of power.

@JayinMilwaukee: Please name some of your top closers in the second tier?

Zinkie: Trevor Rosenthal, Mark Melancon and Hector Rondon, because their teams should win 90 games.

@troymaz10: Who will have a better year, Andrew McCutchen or Rizzo?

Zinkie: Rizzo. I could see the Cubs having a great offense this season.

@NFLMockstar: Who is the most underrated starter, based on average draft position?

Zinkie: Hendricks.

Outlook: Hendricks, SP, CHC

@13_wy: Would you rather own Scherzer or Jake Arrieta ?

Zinkie: I know that most people prefer Scherzer, but I prefer Arrieta.

@abuckley6: Will Jose Peraza carry early season value?

Zinkie: Maybe not April value, but he could have value by May.

@JD944: What is the earliest round you would draft Michael Brantley?

Zinkie: Round 10 is probably the earliest point for me. I just cannot see him being in top form right away.

@BeardedPelfrey: What are your thoughts on Nathan Karns?

Zinkie: If he locks up a rotation spot (which he should) then he is a solid late-round mixed-league pick.

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