TWIB to feature Red Sox on Saturday

TWIB to feature Red Sox on Saturday

To find out what makes three of the most popular and productive players on the Red Sox tick, simply watch Saturday's edition of "This Week in Baseball," which will air on FOX before the 1:20 p.m. ET contest between Boston and New York.

David Ortiz, known as Big Papi throughout the baseball universe, will be profiled in the first part of the show, along with star slugger Manny Ramirez and Red Sox captain Jason Varitek.

The show will delve into more than just the unique talents of those three players, but also what kind of people they are.

More specifically, there is insight on why these three players are fan favorites in a baseball hotbed such as Boston.

Much of the filming was done in the homestand that came immediately after the All-Star break, at which point the Red Sox had legitimate pennant aspirations.

The middle segment will be more of an off-the-beaten path look at the Sox. For instance, what are the top five fun things about the team? Who is the best looking player on the team? Where is Ramirez's secret clubhouse?

The show will then shift away from the Red Sox and go to an animated film "Everyone's Hero," in which Babe Ruth's bat is stolen and a young fan goes on the quest of finding it, which brings him closer to the game. Renowned actor and director Rob Reiner and Yankees manager Joe Torre are included in the piece.

Another part of the show will focus on the nuts and bolts of the game, including the "Pepsi Pitch, Hit, and Run" segment, which highlights what a grueling task it is for catchers to block the plate.

The celebrity fan segment profiles Red Sox fan Andy Ross of the band OKGO ("Here it goes Again" fame). Ross highlights all that is good and bad about being a Red Sox fan, and takes viewers through his ride down memory lane, and all that led to the club's World Series victory in 2004.

The final block is the long-time show staple, "How Bout That," which showed the greatest plays and wireless sound from around the league over the last couple of weeks.

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