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Zinkie fields fantasy questions on Twitter

Zinkie fields fantasy questions on Twitter fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript below and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@bax869: Do you value players differently for a league where players can be kept forever, as opposed to one where they have a contract length?

Fred Zinkie: Definitely. Young players are especially valuable in dynasty leagues. Players in their prime are more valuable in leagues with limited contact lengths.

@redmondlopez: Do you prefer Stephen Strasburg over either of the Mets' aces (Jacob deGrom or Matt Harvey) for '16?

Zinkie: Because Strasburg is a greater injury risk, I would prefer to own the two Mets.

@pjmorgan11: What is the earliest point in the draft that you would consider drafting a closer?

Zinkie: In a standard league, I'm fine with a closer in Round 7 this season.

@camsless: Please name a pitcher with tremendous upside for '16.

Zinkie: Luis Severino, Carlos Rodon and Kevin Gausman all have great upside. Even later, Jon Niese, Robbie Ray, Rich Hill.

@dannyo1084: Would you consider taking Carlos Correa second overall in a dynasty league?

Zinkie: I would take Bryce Harper or Mike Trout, but I would not argue with someone who went with Correa.

@Phillie_Man_31: Please name a few underrated closers you would target late in drafts.

Zinkie: Drew Storen could be a bargain. Later, you could target Jason Grilli, J.J. Hoover and Jeremy Jeffress.

@YancyEaton: Assuming the elite third basemen are gone, how low in your rankings would you go to get a starter at that position?

Zinkie: I will wait as long as I need to. I would prefer to get someone like Matt Carpenter in the early rounds. If not, I'll take Justin Turner near the end.

@ItsSalJr: In a one-catcher league, should I keep J.T. Realmuto on my bench?

Zinkie: In general, there is no need to keep a reserve catcher in a one-catcher format. There will always be options on the waiver wire.

@reed4speed: Because pitchers are so valuable in points leagues, would you take Clayton Kershaw first overall in that format?

Zinkie: I would still take Harper or Trout first overall, but I would not argue with someone who took Kershaw instead.

@Mikehar38036677: Do you expect Justin Upton to have a better batting average and more homers now that he is playing in Comerica Park?

Zinkie: I expect Upton to make slight improvements in batting average and homers, but not major gains.

@amoralest1970: For the next two seasons, would you rather own Tyler Glasnow or Lucas Giolito?

Zinkie: I prefer Glasnow. The Pirates do a great job with pitchers. Giolito should also be excellent.

@__MeatBall: Please name your Top 5 pitchers to target this year.

Zinkie: Kershaw, Jake Arrieta, Max Scherzer, Chris Sale and Madison Bumgarner.

@evanbely: What do you expect from Carlos Gomez this season? Can he bounce back?

Zinkie: He will bounce back, but not to his 2013-14 levels. Expect close to 20 homers and close to 30 steals.

@CMIDavid: How do you prioritize positions during a draft?

Zinkie: Mostly, I don't. Get the best players in early rounds. Positions can be a tiebreaker. Then, fill holes later.

@Jsports_47: With the first pick in any type of league, would you take Harper?

Zinkie: Pretty much. It would have to be an unusual format for me to choose Kershaw.

@Skovs79: Should I keep Corey Seager or Francisco Lindor?

Zinkie: Seager. I expect them to have similar production in 2016, but Seager to excel in the long run.

@swanny909: Do you expect Lance McCullers to stay in a crowded Astros rotation all year?

Zinkie: It would not surprise me if they use their depth to give him some breaks.

@nickludens: Which stats, if not targeted in the early rounds, are harder to add later on?

Zinkie: It is sometimes hard to find power late in drafts without dealing with a low batting average.

@spiro1679: Please name a sleeper for saves in the American League this year. Also, will Joey Gallo contribute this year?

Zinkie: Ryan Madson and Joaquin Benoit. And yes, I expect Gallo to dent mixed-league lineups at times this year.

@NFLMockstar: Please name three players you like when considering their average draft position.

Zinkie: So far, I end up with Eugenio Suarez, Matt Wieters and Denard Span in many drafts.

@BigTimeNW: Please share your thoughts on Sonny Gray. I haven't heard much chatter about him.

Zinkie: Agreed -- there is little buzz on Gray. He's a great No. 2 starter in mixed leagues. He was outstanding for five months last year.

@D_Oakes: How do you feel about Addison Russell this year?

Zinkie: I expect him to improve, but hitting at the bottom of the lineup limits his chances for a big breakout.

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