Archer passes along advice to rookies

Leader of Rays' staff stresses punctuality to Snell, Faria

Archer passes along advice to rookies

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Chris Archer's Sunday morning message still resonated within the Rays' clubhouse Monday morning.

Acting like a leader, Archer told a pair of Rays rookies -- pitchers Blake Snell and Jacob Faria, that they should get to work a little earlier.

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Although Rays workouts don't start until 9:30 a.m. ET, Snell and Faria showed around 8:30. That's when Archer told the pair that showing up when they did was not acceptable for two players who had no Major League service time.

So even though they weren't late for the workout, they were late by the higher standard of accountability within the Rays' clubhouse -- particularly given the work ethic established over the years by the Rays' starters.

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Snell and Faria later thanked Archer for calling their punctuality to their attention.

Archer has evolved into the leader of the Rays' staff, and he's proud to have been shown the ropes by the likes of former Tampa Bay starters James Shields and David Price. Both of the former Rays starters were hard workers, who arrived to work early.

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