First Spring Training workout dates released

First Spring Training workout dates released

First Spring Training workout dates released
Pitchers and catchers report.

Those magical words, which signal the birth of a new baseball season, are fast approaching. That day will be here before we know it, and on Tuesday, baseball fans found out exactly when their team will be hitting the field for the first time in 2011, as the complete list of workout dates was released by the league.

Pitchers and catchers from 11 teams will kick off Spring Training 2011 on Monday, Feb. 14. The first full-squad workouts for 15 clubs will commence on Saturday, Feb. 19. By Feb. 23, all players will have hit the ground running in preparation for Opening Day.

The league is slated to release the complete Spring Training exhibition schedule on Wednesday, but for now, here's the list of first Spring Training workouts. The first date listed is for pitchers and catchers, the second for the full squad.


Baltimore: Feb. 14; Feb. 21
Boston: Feb. 15; Feb. 19
Chicago: Feb. 17; Feb. 22
Cleveland: Feb. 17; Feb. 20
Detroit: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
Kansas City: Feb. 15; Feb. 19
Los Angeles: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
Minnesota: Feb. 17; Feb. 23
New York: Feb. 15; Feb. 20
Oakland: Feb. 16; Feb. 21
Seattle: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
Tampa Bay: Feb. 16; Feb. 21
Texas: Feb. 17; Feb. 20
Toronto: Feb. 14; Feb. 19


Arizona: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
Atlanta: Feb. 15; Feb. 19
Chicago: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
Cincinnati: Feb. 16; Feb. 19
Colorado: Feb. 15; Feb. 22
Florida: Feb. 17; Feb. 21
Houston: Feb. 16; Feb. 20
Los Angeles: Feb. 17; Feb. 22
Milwaukee: Feb. 17; Feb. 22
New York: Feb. 17; Feb. 21
Philadelphia: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
Pittsburgh: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
St. Louis: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
San Diego: Feb. 14; Feb. 19
San Francisco: Feb. 15; Feb. 19
Washington: Feb. 17; Feb. 22

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