It's never too late for new-season's resolutions

It's never too late for new-season's resolutions

It's never too late for new-season's resolutions
Face it, we all know that by now, most New Year's resolutions have already been broken. Fortunately, there's always a Plan B, and this "B" stands for baseball.

New Season's resolutions are still in play.

So while you may not have followed through on your resolve to become leaner, healthier, smarter, richer, your favorite individuals and teams are just approaching their chances for self-improvement.

And so they resolve ...

Brian Wilson ... to put Brett Keisel's beard to shame.

Rafael Soriano ... to take the ball whenever Joe Girardi wants to give it to him.

Rays ... to show they were not idiots for signing both Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez.

Yankees ... to not be so nice to the Red Sox -- and be nicer to the Rangers.

Joey Votto ... to not seem so freakish by hitting at least one infield popup, something the National League MVP did not do a single time in 648 plate appearances last season.

Buster Posey ... to follow Votto's example (the NL Rookie of the Year also avoided an infield pop in his 443 plate appearances).

A.J. Burnett ... to step up big-time just as the Yankees need him most and limit his tattooing to the ones on his flesh -- and not opponents' treatment.

Josh Beckett ... ditto, for the Red Sox. For all the renovations around them (mostly in Boston), the fortunes of the two former Florida mound mates could tip the American League East scales.

Central divisions ... to win a playoff game or two (since 2008, teams in both Centrals are 2-21 in the postseason).

Jayson Werth ... to be more clutch with two outs and a runner in scoring position (he was 10-for-72 in those situations last season, including an amazing 0-for-35 stretch covering three months from May 19 to Aug. 18).

Club marketing directors ... to not schedule any promotions involving vuvuzelas vs. Thunder Stix, with the winner to take on the cowbells.

Shane Victorino ... to stop being the Flying (Under the Radar) Hawaiian. Know who else exactly matched his 42 homers and 31 triples in the past three seasons? Carl Crawford.

"Reliable sources" ... to not be so free with their "reliable" information. They were overwhelming in their belief that for Cliff Lee "dollars will be the deciding factor." Missed that one by $30 million of those Washingtons.

Mets ... to rename Citi Field "Tuesday Morning," the day of the week on which they were 13-0 at home last season.

Ivan Rodriguez ... to walk.

Mark Reynolds ... to put the ball in play more than 49 percent of the time.

Chris Coghlan ... to leave pie-tossing to the pizza professionals.

Giants ... to stop losing one-hitters, which they did twice last season.

Fernando Rodney ... to show up in September for a change.

Terry Collins ... to invite Mo Vaughn to throw out the first pitch prior to a Mets game.

Brian Cashman ... to rappel down the Empire State Building after the Yankees win No. 28.

American League ... to stop losing All-Star Games.

David Ortiz ... to set his alarm clock for April, a month in which he has hit only one home run the past two seasons.

Jake Peavy ... to get, and stay, healthy.

Francisco Rodriguez ... to count to 10.

Matt Stairs ... to stick with the Nationals, which would be his record 13th different big league uniform (but not 13th franchise -- he broke in with the 1992-93 Expos).

Cliff Lee ... to have a five-walk game, just to mess with people.

Mariners ... to back Felix Hernandez with more than the average of 2.4 runs of support they gave him last season -- with at least three, he was 11-2, otherwise 2-10.

Scott Kazmir ... to average more than one quality start a month.

Pirates ... to get a state-of-the-art GPS, so they don't keep getting lost on the road.

Mark Prior ... to show that the perseverance, and the wait, was worth it.

Stephen Strasburg ... to not become the next Prior.

Kendry Morales ... to look before he leaps. Better yet, to not leap at all.

Baseball fans ... to not obsessively count down to the start of Spring Training ... which is six days, 22 hours and 28 minutes away.

Tom Singer is a national reporter for Follow @Tom_Singer on Twitter. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.