New infield at Rogers Centre

The Toronto Blue Jays are pleased to announce that work will begin the week of February 8th to install a regulation dirt infield in time for the 2016 regular season.

Following months of investigation and planning, the work will involve excavation of the cement floor at Rogers Centre in the affected base path and infield areas to a depth of 30.48 cm/12 inches and will impact an area of approximately 1,115 square metres/12,000 square feet. Layers of gravel, sand and clay will be inlayed in the excavated areas to ensure proper moisture content and conditions suitable to a major league playing surface.

"We are very excited to proceed with this project. This will both improve the surface for the players and also enhance the atmosphere of the stadium for our fans." - Stephen Brooks, Senior Vice President, Business Operations.

The excavation will not interfere with the events being held at Rogers Centre in the coming weeks, namely Supercross (March 12) and Disney On Ice (March 17-20).