Ross among 4 Padres filing for arbitration

Cashner, Pomeranz, Norris also slated to exchange salary figures with team

Ross among 4 Padres filing for arbitration

SAN DIEGO -- Four Padres filed for salary arbitration on Tuesday, including pitcher Tyson Ross.

Ross, along with pitchers Andrew Cashner and Drew Pomeranz and catcher Derek Norris, were among the 156 players to file for salary arbitration.

According to projections by, Ross could get $10 million, with Cashner projected at $7 million, Norris $3.4 million and Pomeranz $1.3 million.

Last season, Ross made $5.25 million, Cashner made $4.05 million, Norris made $545,000 and Pomeranz, acquired in November from the A's, made $517,500.

The Padres previously reached a one-year deal worth $1 million with infielder Brett Wallace, who would have been arbitration-eligible.

If the players can't negotiate deals with the Padres by Friday, they will exchange desired salary figures for 2016. The midpoint between what the player wants to be paid and what the team wants to pay him generally serves as a launch point for contract negotiations.

If the two sides can't agree to a deal by February, their cases would be heard by a three-person arbitration panel, which would side with either the player or the team. Teams typically go to great lengths to avoid taking the process that far.

Two years ago, the Padres had a case with Cashner go to a hearing, which Cashner won. In that case, Cashner asked for $2.4 million. The Padres countered at $2.275 million.

Prior to that, the last time the Padres went to arbitration with a player was with Todd Walker in 2007. They also lost that case.

Cashner will be a free agent after 2016 while Ross is under club control for two more seasons. Norris and Pomeranz are each under club control for three more seasons.

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