DeSclafani reflects on holidays, gift-giving

DeSclafani reflects on holidays, gift-giving

CINCINNATI -- There is nothing like the holiday season in New York. As a resident of nearby New Jersey, Reds starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani tries to not to miss an opportunity to get to the city and take in all of the winter magic.

DeSclafani also relishes the time he gets to spend with his parents and girlfriend as the offseason hits the halfway mark. He recently spoke with about his holiday plans and memories. What is your favorite thing about this time of year?
I love the cold. Now that it's starting to get colder, it adds to the vibe that Christmas gives off. Hopefully it snows here soon. I just like being around family. I've gone to New York City and seeing the tree [at Rockefeller Center]. That's the stuff I love doing. Seeing the tree, grabbing some dinner and stuff like that. I love going to the city, and during Christmas for sure.

Are you someone who enjoys the experience of gift-buying and giving?
I actually do, especially for my parents. My whole life, they've given to me and supported me. It's nice to actually give back. I got my mother a gift the other day and gave it to her early. It's something that she's been asking for a couple of years. It's nothing crazy. It was pots and pans, but she wanted these certain pots and pans. I was finally able to get them and she was so excited to get them. She cooks me dinner all the time, so she should have the pots and pans that she likes. It felt good. It's not all about material things. To be able to give back to them, they've done so much for me, it means a lot.

When you were a kid, what was your favorite gift to receive?
I would always look forward to new baseball gear and probably the new video game system, which my brother and I were lucky enough to get. I always got the new bat or baseball mitt.

Does your family do anything special to celebrate the holidays?
We don't, but I want to start something up this year. We're always doing stuff as a family, so it's not out of the normal if we don't do something.

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater in your closet?
I do have one. My girlfriend made me buy that one.

Do you have a favorite holiday or Christmas movie?
I always find myself watching "Home Alone," which my girlfriend also loves. We're watching it all the time now. That's always a good Christmas movie. And one of them ["Home Alone 2"] has them partaking in New York City, and I kind of like that.

Do you have a favorite holiday song?
It is "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey. It's probably one of the best Christmas songs of all time.

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