Red Sox Foundation partners with Massachusetts Little League to support all 200 leagues throughout commonwealth

Program Presented by the Massachusetts Health Connector, and Supported by HP Hood and Skeeter Snacks

For the third straight year, the Red Sox Foundation will partner with Massachusetts Little League to support all 200 leagues throughout the Commonwealth. The partnership, which began in 2013 as a way to celebrate Little League's 75th anniversary, is part of the club's focus on children and developing the next generation of baseball fans.
The initiative will assist the 200 leagues with uniforms, support of their Massachusetts Little League Division Tournament in Westwood (taking place July 24 - 27), and the Massachusetts Little League Volunteer Coach of the Year award that will be presented at Fenway Park.  
"For the past several years, the Red Sox have focused on bringing children closer to the game of baseball," said Red Sox Foundation Board Member Mike Egan. "To support this effort, the Red Sox Foundation has focused its work on helping sustain the many League Leagues across the Commonwealth that are central to a child's introduction to baseball. We thank the many partners who are helping us realize this important objective, and are pleased to support these young players as they learn the invaluable lessons of teamwork and camaraderie that take place on the diamond each spring and summer."
The 200 Massachusetts Little Leagues serve 5,628 teams and approximately 67,500 children. It offers boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 18 the opportunity to play baseball and softball, regardless of their athletic ability. The league is made up of locally chartered programs that aim to provide access to the sport to all children.
"The support of the Red Sox Foundation and its partners on the Massachusetts Little League program is real and tangible," said Massachusetts Little League Board Member John Berardi. "The sponsorship that is available to each league provides them with funding help along with opportunities for teams to come to Fenway Park, and for some, a special visit from Wally in their home town. Chartered Leagues from Pittsfield to Gloucester are enjoying a new connection as part of Wally's team thanks to the Red Sox Foundation."
The Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts Little League initiative is presented by the Massachusetts Health Connector and supported by HP Hood and Skeeter Snacks.