Brewers Medical Staff Honored

For the second consecutive season, the medical staff of the Milwaukee Brewers has been selected as the recipient of the Martin-Monahan Award. The award, which is presented by RotoWire, recognizes the Best Medical Staff in Major League Baseball.

The Brewers have won the award on three occasions (2005, 2014 and 2015). This marks the first time that an organization has received the honor in consecutive seasons. Named after longtime athletic trainers Dick Martin (Minnesota Twins) and Gene Monahan (New York Yankees), the award was first distributed in 2004.

"We are pleased and excited to accept the Martin-Monahan Award," said Brewers Director of Medical Operations Roger Caplinger. "Our medical staff - including athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, and physicians - is dedicated to providing the best medical care in professional baseball. To win the award two years in a row is a tremendous honor and encompasses our commitment and innovative approach to sports medicine."

The Martin-Monahan Award winner is based on several statistical criteria, including days and dollars lost to injury and multi-year average. 

The complete list of award winners includes the following:

2004: Tampa Bay Rays

2005: Milwaukee Brewers

2006: Chicago White Sox

2007: Cleveland Indians

2008: Pittsburgh Pirates

2009: Philadelphia Phillies

2010: Chicago White Sox

2011: Kansas City Royals

2012: Cincinnati Reds

2013: Seattle Mariners

2014: Milwaukee Brewers

2015: Milwaukee Brewers