Bumgarner interview after Game 4

Bumgarner interview after Game 4

Q. You've been quoted recently as saying that this couldn't be any more pressure packed than the North Carolina State Championship. Have you had a chance to rethink that after tonight?

MADISON BUMGARNER: That might not have been the exact words, but you're close. Sounds ridiculous, but at the time as a high school player that's the biggest game I had played in. Now obviously this is way bigger. It's the World Series, the biggest game you're going to play in. I try to just go out there and tell myself it's just another game, though, and look back on it after it's over with, and hopefully it was a good result.

Q. When you were in the Minors four or five months ago, if someone had come up to you and told you you would make this kind of performance on this stage this year, what would your reaction have been?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Well, it's what you hope for every year. It's what you want to play for. But obviously I started off rough this year and wasn't -- I mean, I didn't expect this in my wildest dreams, but I'm definitely glad to be here and blessed to have this opportunity.

Q. How did Aubrey Huff's two-run homer there in the third inning change things for you? Did it immediately allow you to relax a little bit?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I tried not to. I tried just to keep -- I tried not to pay any attention at all to the score. I think that helps the pitcher keep the pressure on and keep making pitches. But it definitely helped the team out and a momentum shifter there, got it going our way, so it was a big hit.

Q. The first batter got on and stole second so there was nobody out with a runner on second. Were there any nerves at that time? And was the next batter the key for you to settle down?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, I mean, the first -- I don't know what the first batter -- I felt good out there. I was relaxed and just happened to throw four balls. I felt fine.

Q. When you got up to the big leagues and Posey was here, was that a help for you at all?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, I mean, ever since we met in Instructional League, I think we hit it off, pretty good friends. We're always on the same page out there in the game. I trust him 100 percent; whatever he puts down I want to throw. Besides that, he's a great catcher.

Q. Did you ever figure out what happened to your velocity back in March and April? And how you were able to bring it back to seemingly the same level it was at a couple years ago now?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I mean, I guess it was just mechanics a little bit off. We made some adjustments throughout the year and about halfway through the year got back to where I felt I needed to be.

Q. What changed exactly?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Just a little bit of timing issue for me. That's all.

Q. Did you make any attempt to persuade your manager to allow you back in for the ninth?

MADISON BUMGARNER: No, I let them make the decisions. I just pitch until they tell me I'm done.

Q. You guys are obviously one win away from the championship. With all these young pitchers you have in the rotation, how exciting is it to think that this is the kind of thing you guys could do for a while now?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I mean, I think so. Like I said, it's what you want to do every year, and we've got the team to do it. We've got a lot of great guys in there, great clubhouse. It's a lot of fun to be on this team.

Q. How are you able to stay so cool in this whole situation? You seem totally unfazed by this.

MADISON BUMGARNER: I don't know, just keep telling myself to relax. And I've told myself so much that it's starting to become second nature, and it makes it a lot easier on me and the players, I think, to see somebody that's relaxed out there throwing. That's it, I guess.

Q. You made it look pretty easy tonight, but what did you consider your toughest batter you had to face?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Whoever was up at the time, I guess. It's a great team. They're unbelievable. You don't want to take anything away from them. They've got a lot of great hitters on this team. I just felt like we were able to make pitches. Our defense behind me was incredible tonight, and if it wasn't for them I don't think it would have been the same result.

Q. You talked about not feeling pressure when you're on the mound and trying to take it like it's another game and not worry about the magnitude until it's over. Now it's over and you pitched eight shutout innings in the World Series. What does that mean now that you can reflect on it?

MADISON BUMGARNER: It feels pretty good, for sure. You know, I don't think it'll sink in until who knows when. But right now I'm just happy we got a win, and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Did the relief stint in Philadelphia prepare you for the pressure because that was pretty intense? And could you compare the pressure between that relief stint in Philly and tonight. And also about your stuff tonight, was anything working better than any other pitch?

MADISON BUMGARNER: First, I think it helped out a lot. Anytime you get a chance to get out there it helps out. I think you're right, it did help.

And as far as what was working, we threw a lot more changeups than I normally do. It was working pretty good. Slider was working good. Didn't throw a lot of curveballs, but I felt we were just able to make pitches when we needed to.

Q. The Nelson Cruz at-bat I think in the seventh with two guys on was probably the only real jam. Take us through that at-bat.

MADISON BUMGARNER: I think he was the second guy on.

Q. Oh, Kinsler, I'm sorry. Would you take us through that at-bat.

MADISON BUMGARNER: Well, I know what kind of hitter he is. He's a great hitter, so I just wanted to try to make pitches. I was trying to keep the ball up a little bit because I know he can spin on some balls and pull them down the line. Actually the pitch I threw him that he popped out on wasn't the one I wanted to make, but it worked out all right. It was a changeup that came back over the plate. I was trying to get it away.