Royals Charities Conclude Giving Week

To conclude the first-ever Giving Week, Royals Charities will visit the site of the new Variety inclusive playground and then the Johnson County Christmas Bureau family holiday shop Friday.

The first visit will start at 10 a.m. and take place at the CBAC Field located at 11031 S. Valley Parkway in Olathe, Kan. Royals Charities will announce two $30,000 grants to be distributed over the next two years. The grants will be used to help build the new Variety KC Playground near the adaptive baseball field that was funded in part by Royals Charities. Royals alumni will also attend, including Jaime Bluma, Al Fitzmorris, Jeff Montgomery, Les Norman and Steve Renko.

Royals Charities and a group of front office employees will then volunteer at the Johnson County Christmas Bureau family holiday shop at 11:30 a.m. A grant for $5,000 will be presented by Royals Charities to the JCCB.

Team broadcaster Steve Physioc and Sluggerrr will attend both events.

Royals Charities has been traveling throughout the Greater Kansas City area this week presenting grants to various organizations. Royals front office staff and alumni visited Operation Breakthrough on Monday, Hope House on Tuesday and the new Kansas RBI baseball field on Wednesday. On Thursday, a group accompanied the team's 2015 World Championship trophy to Fort Leavenworth.