Dodgers Announce 2016 Promotional Schedule

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced their 2016 promotional schedule. A total of 64 games will feature a promotion or item and the list of promotions includes 40 total giveaways. The Dodgers' full promotional calendar can be viewed by visiting Opening Day at Dodger Stadium is Tuesday, April 12, 2016 against the Arizona Diamondbacks at 1:10 p.m.

New items will include a Justin Turner chia pet, a Vin Scully T-shirt, a travel pillow, Father's Day Dodger boxers and a socks giveaway. Friday Night Fireworks and Viva Los Dodgers, held prior to every Sunday home game, are back in 2016. There will be 10 bobblehead giveaway nights in 2016 and 10 collectible pin giveaways commemorating the Dodgers' retired numbers.

The Dodgers will host Jackie Robinson Day on April 15 when players and coaches will join all of MLB in paying tribute to Jackie Robinson by wearing #42. Additionally, for the second consecutive season, fans will receive an adult Jackie Robinson replica jersey. The legendary Hollywood Stars game will make a comeback on August 27. The Old-Timers Game is back on the promotional calendar next season on July 2 along with a bobblehead giveaway commemorating 1981 World Series tri-MVPs Ron Cey, Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yeager.

The Dodgers also announced two new mini-plan options for 2016 with tickets starting at $19 per game. A preset 21-game Collectors Plan offers Opening Day, all 10 bobblehead giveaways, all 10 retired number collectible pins and Jackie Robinson Day. A 30-game Flex Plan allows for any 2016 home game, including Opening Day. All mini plans are on sale now at

Fans are invited to purchase mini plans and shop for the Dodger fan on their holiday list starting this Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Top of the Park store at Dodger Stadium. Blue Friday will include player appearances: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Al Ferrara, 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Justin Turner and 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tommy Davis. For complete details visit

Fans can sign up for the 2016 season ticket waitlist and complete details on 2016 season tickets can be found by visiting


Bobbleheads of Dodgers past and present are scheduled throughout the 2016 season: Clayton Kershaw on April 25 (vs. MIA), Dodger manager Dave Roberts May 11 (vs. NYM), May 25 (vs. CIN), Don Newcombe on June 8 (vs. COL), Dusty Baker on June 22 (vs. WAS), 1981 World Series tri-MVPs Ron Cey, Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yeager on July 2 (vs. COL), July 26 (vs. TB), August 9 (vs. PHI), August 25 (vs. SF) and September 20 (vs. SF).


The Dodgers will pay tribute to those Dodger legends who have had their number retired with a collectible set of 10 pins: May 9 (vs. NYM), June 4 (vs. ATL), June 16 (vs. MIL), July 5 (vs. BAL), July 31 (vs. ARI), August 8 (vs. PHI), September 4 (vs. SD), September 7 (vs. ARI) and September 22 (vs. COL).


New items on the 2016 promotional schedule include: Justin Turner chia pet on April 30 (vs. SD), Vin Scully T-shirt on May 10 (vs. NYM), kids' batting gloves on May 15 (vs. STL), neck pillow on May 23 (vs. CIN), license plate frame on June 6 (vs. COL), Father's Day Dodger boxers on June 19 (vs. MIL), kids' locker nameplate on July 6 (vs. BAL), socks on August 7 (vs. BOS) and Magic Johnson gnome on August 14 (vs. PIT).


Fan favorite and season-long Friday Night Fireworks will return in 2016. Fans can watch the themed fireworks shows from the outfield grass after each Friday home game: April 15 (vs. SF), April 29 (vs. SD), May 13 (vs. STL), June 3 (vs. ATL), June 17 (vs. MIL), July 1 (vs. COL), July 8 (vs. SD), July 29 (vs. ARI), August 5 (vs. BOS), August 12 (vs. PIT), August 26 (vs. CHC), September 2 (vs. SD) and September 23 (vs. COL). The Dodgers will also present July 4th Fireworks on Independence Day (vs. BAL).


Viva Los Dodgers, a season-long initiative now in its seventh year celebrating Latino culture in Los Angeles and the legacy of Latin American Dodgers past and present, will take place throughout the 2016 season: April 17 (vs. SF), May 1 (vs. SD), May 15 (vs. STL), June 5 (vs. ATL), June 19 (vs. MIL), July 3 (vs. COL), July 10 (vs. SD), July 31 (vs. ARI), August 7 (vs. BOS), August 14 (vs. PIT), August 28 (vs. CHC) and September 4 (vs. SD). This family-friendly pregame festival is held two hours prior to each Sunday home game at the historic 76 station and fans can enjoy live music, player autographs and various activities. La Gran Fiesta Viva Los Dodgers, the culmination of a season-long series and the Dodgers' marquee Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, is set for Saturday, September 24 (vs. COL).

2016 Dodger Promotional Schedule

4/12                 Magnet Schedule

4/13                 Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

4/15                 Jackie Robinson Replica Jersey and Friday Night Fireworks

4/16                 Knit Cap

4/17                 Viva Los Dodgers

4/25                 Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead

4/27                 Fleece Blanket

4/29                 Friday Night Fireworks

4/30                 Justin Turner Chia Pet

5/1                   Kids' Replica Jersey and Viva Los Dodgers

5/9                   Retired Numbers Pin #1

5/10                 Vin Scully T-Shirt

5/11                 Dave Roberts Bobblehead

5/13                 Friday Night Fireworks

5/14                 Replica Stadium

5/15                 Kids' Batting Gloves and Viva Los Dodgers

5/17                 Welcome Mat

5/23                 Neck Pillow

5/25                 Bobblehead #3

6/3                   Friday Night Fireworks

6/4                   Retired Numbers Pin #2

6/5                   Viva Los Dodgers

6/6                   License Plate Frame

6/8                   Don Newcombe Bobblehead

6/16                 Retired Numbers Pin #3

6/17                 Friday Night Fireworks

6/19                 Father's Day Dodger Boxers and Viva Los Dodgers

6/20                 Beach Item

6/22                 Dusty Baker Bobblehead

7/1                   Friday Night Fireworks

7/2                   Old Timers Game and Tri-MVP Bobblehead Ron Cey, Steve Yeager and Pedro Guerrero

7/3                   Viva Los Dodgers

7/4                   Independence Day Fireworks

7/5                   Retired Numbers Pin #4

7/6                   Kids' Locker Name Plate

7/7                   Retired Numbers Pin #5

7/8                   Friday Night Fireworks

7/9                   Movie Night

7/10                 Kids' Fathead and Viva Los Dodgers

7/26                 Bobblehead #7

7/29                 Friday Night Fireworks

7/30                 Reusable Tote Bag

7/31                 Retired Numbers Pin #6 and Viva Los Dodgers

8/5                   Friday Night Fireworks

8/7                   Socks and Viva Los Dodgers

8/8                   Retired Numbers Pin #7

8/9                   Bobblehead #8

8/12                 Friday Night Fireworks

8/13                 Movie Night

8/14                 Magic Johnson Gnome and Viva Los Dodgers

8/23                 Headphones

8/25                 Bobblehead #9

8/26                 Friday Night Fireworks

8/27                 Hollywood Stars Game

8/28                 Viva Los Dodgers

9/2                   Friday Night Fireworks

9/4                   Retired Numbers Pin #8 and Viva Los Dodgers

9/5                   Cap

9/7                   Retired Numbers Pin #9

9/20                 Bobblehead #10

9/22                 Retired Numbers Pin #10

9/23                 Friday Night Fireworks

9/24                 La Gran Fiesta Viva Los Dodgers

9/25                 Fan Appreciation Day

While supplies last. Giveaways are limited to 40,000 units, unless otherwise noted. Only one giveaway item per person will be given to the bearer of the ticket upon entering the stadium. Schedule subject to change without notice.

For questions on the Dodgers' 2016 promotional calendar, please visit, reply to this email or contact the Dodgers' Public Relations department at (323) 224-1301.