Phils' manager prepping for Game 7

Phils' manager prepping for Game 7

PHILADELPHIA -- Whatever you do, Giants fans, don't take Charlie Manuel's pregame remarks on Saturday out of context.

Responding to a question about the care and feeding of ace right-hander Roy Halladay, the Phillies manager predicted that his team would force a seventh and deciding game in the National League Championship Series. Halladay injured his right groin while pitching in Thursday's Game 5.

But Manuel was speaking out of confidence, not cockiness.

Asked whether he'd be hesitant to use Halladay in either of the series' final two games as a reliever, Manuel responded, "Definitely, I can pretty much answer I'm not going to use him [Saturday]. ... If we get to [Sunday], we'll see. We're going to get to [Sunday]. I don't want to say if we get there, because we are going to get there."

But there wasn't a hint of bravado in Manuel's voice.