Today's Arizona Fall League starting lineups: November 7

Below are today's starting lineups that have been made public by the Arizona Fall League.

A lineup is not official until it is handed to the umpire.

Additional lineups will be added as they become available:

West @ East Division, 8:08 P.M. ET

  1. 2B: Christian Arroyo (Giants)
  2. CF: Clint Frazier (Indians)
  3. SS: Chad Pinder (A's)
  4. 1B: Rowdy Tellez (Blue Jays)
  5. DH: Adam Walker (Twins)
  6. LF: Austin Dean (undefined)
  7. 3B: Renato Nunez  (A's)
  8. RF: Jake Bauers (Rays)
  9. C: Oscar Hernandez  (undefined)
  10. SP: Sean Manaea (A's)
  1. CF: Adam Engel (undefined)
  2. 2B: Ramon Torres (undefined)
  3. DH: Jurickson Profar  (Rangers)
  4. C: Gary Sanchez  (Yankees)
  5. 3B: J.D. Davis (undefined)
  6. RF: Derek Fisher (undefined)
  7. LF: Jacob Scavuzzo (undefined)
  8. 1B: D.J. Peterson (undefined)
  9. SS: Yadiel Rivera  (undefined)
  10. SP: Lucas Sims (undefined)

@ , 8:08 P.M. ET

  1. 2B: Christian Arroyo (undefined)
  2. CF: Clint Frazier (undefined)
  3. SS: Chad Pinder (undefined)
  4. 1B: Rowdy Tellez (undefined)
  5. DH: Adam Walker (undefined)
  6. LF: Austin Dean (undefined)
  7. 3B: Renato Nunez (undefined)
  8. RF: Jake Bauers (undefined)
  9. C: Oscar Hernandez (undefined)
  10. SP: Sean Manaea (undefined)
  1. CF: Adam Engel (undefined)
  2. 2B: Ramon Torres (undefined)
  3. DH: Jurickson Profar (undefined)
  4. C: Gary Sanchez (undefined)
  5. 3B: J.D. Davis (undefined)
  6. RF: Derek Fisher (undefined)
  7. LF: Jacob Scavuzzo (undefined)
  8. 1B: D.J. Peterson (undefined)
  9. SS: Yadiel Rivera (undefined)
  10. SP: Lucas Sims (undefined)