Alderson OK after collapsing at Citi Field

Alderson OK after collapsing at Citi Field

NEW YORK -- Mets general manager Sandy Alderson collapsed during a news conference Wednesday at Citi Field, but he regained consciousness after about 30 seconds and walked out of the room under his own power. An examination by the Mets' training staff revealed nothing more than lightheadedness.

The GM was due to see a doctor later Wednesday.

Alderson, 67, was conducting a question-and-answer session with reporters when he fainted, falling to the ground. Several seconds later, he came to and a reporter helped him to his feet. Alderson even cracked a joke after he regained consciousness, walking out of the room without assistance.

A Mets official said Alderson had not eaten breakfast, and felt "a little lightheaded" due to the bright lights and heat in the Mets' news conference room.

"He's fine," the official said approximately 10 minutes after Alderson collapsed.

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