The closer's closer: Erin Robertson does 'incredible job' for family

The closer's closer: Erin Robertson does 'incredible job' for family

David Robertson is a bonafide celebrity, an All-Star caliber pitcher who is one of the true lockdown closers in baseball. But if you ask David who the hero is in the Robertson family, he'll quickly respond: it's his wife, Erin.

"She's managing three jobs right now," he said. "She's very smart and strong-willed. She's been doing an incredible job."

Erin is indeed juggling a lot these days. She's balancing life in a new city, playing the full-time role as mom to their young son, Luke, has been instrumental in the design of their new home and is the co-founder of High Socks for Hope, the nonprofit organization that she and David created.

High Socks for Hope is definitely a priority for the Robertsons these days. It was conceived after they saw first-hand how David's hometown of Tuscaloosa, Ala., was devastated by a tornado in 2011.

"You see the videos and the pictures, but when you see it in person, it is so much worse than you ever could have imagined," Erin said.

They started the charity to help those families re-create the homes that they lost. Not only the structures themselves, but the efforts to furnish and provide the essentials that help make a house a home. Those first-hand conversations and experiences have cultivated a deep sense of appreciation for their own home and family life. 

Speaking of their new home and lives in Chicago, the neighborhood streets of Bucktown are a welcome scene for Erin and her family, who left behind their fast-paced lifestyle in the heart of Manhattan where they lived during David's time with the New York Yankees. However, it's obvious that the new pace hasn't slowed her down with all of her activities. She also has to contend with the baseball grind.

"It's the time away from each other that can be a big challenge," she said. "The time when he is gone for 10 or 12 days -- it's hard. But it makes us appreciate those times together. We do value that family time and do much more when we are together, like exploring this city."

Don't be surprised if you run into Luke's mom and dad toddlin' down the lakefront, visiting a museum or dining in one of the city's great eateries. Chicago is their new home and they're ready to explore. Check her out on Twitter at @ERob3. 

The Lowdown on Erin:

  • Gone Fishin': She's outdoorsy. She fishes with the best of them, including her husband
  • "Go to" lunch spot: Potbelly
  • Best vacations: Camping in the mountains, maybe the White Mountains
  • Movies she's watching: Luke's choice -- mostly Pixar films
  • TV shows she likes: Reality TV on Bravo -- a guilty pleasure.
  • Book she's reading now: The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty
  • Fun fact Erin revealed: Luke does a great "he gone" impression of Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson.