South Side stylin': White Sox sport unique looks

South Side stylin': White Sox sport unique looks

When Thunderstruck comes on and the cleats hit the dirt on a game day, the White Sox appear as a single unit in their black and white pinstripes or Sunday-best 1983 throwback unis. There are only minor uniform details that set the players apart, such as rolled up pants, the tilt of a hat and the name on the back of the jersey. However, when it comes time to step foot in their backyards or the streets of Chicago, each player has his own unique sartorial style. Here's a snapshot of the looks and personalities that set the Sox players apart.

Abreu describes his style as casual and modest, noting he prefers comfort over high fashion. When it comes to picking out his clothes, Abreu says he has two stylists -- his wife, Yusmary, and his teammate Emilio Bonifacio.

Garcia keeps the White Sox in mind when it comes to style, noting, "I like to dress and look good because I represent a Major League organization." The 6-foot-4, 240-pound outfielder prefers True Religion jeans because of their length and Armani T-shirts because of the softness.

Bonifacio readily admits that his style is a "little bit bold." When it comes to a favorite article to wear, the 29-year-old Dominican native is partial to his shoes.

Cabrera is recognized as one of the most fashionable players on the White Sox by his fellow teammates. His favorite brand is Jordan from Nike, but the outfielder is well-known in the clubhouse for showing off unusual styles. His favorite article to accessorize? His watch.

Ramirez may stand out with dazzling plays on the field, but his clothing style is more low key. He describes it as classic and sporty, with no preference for specific brands. If he likes something, he buys it.

Simplistic. Thrown together. That's how Duke describes his style. He prefers T-shirts and blue jeans or shorts when he's not in White Sox pinstripes. He's quick to admit that his wife, Kristin, is his personal stylist. It's doubtful, though, that she picked out his camo wingtip shoes.

Flowers is a one-stop shopper. For the 6-foot-4, 245-pound catcher, his style is simply finding the right size at The Buckle, which has just what he needs. Flowers enjoys looking good -- he even prefers color coordinating his outfits -- but only puts on a suit for special occasions. When it comes to celebrity inspiration, Flowers doesn't identify with anyone in particular. Although the bald catcher did reveal, "I wish I could do my hair like some of them, but that's not an option."