Covering all the bases: How the White Sox stay fit

Covering all the bases: How the White Sox stay fit

With 162 games on the schedule and only about 20 days off, Major Leaguers need to do everything they can to stay fit throughout the season. For those of you counting, that's at least eight months of daily physical activity including Spring Training, the regular season and possible postseason play.

Simply put, the baseball season is a grind. Every player, from rookies to veterans, must face the physical demands of the long campaign in one way or another. While young players typically have fewer miles on their body and are often able to handle the physical demands, they also fall victim to being too aggressive -- whether they are making a diving catch or stretching a double into a triple.

White Sox centerfielder Adam Eaton, for example, is known for his aggressive style of play in the field and on the base paths. However, after a 2014 season that saw him take a few knocks and unwanted stints on the disabled list, Eaton has learned how to take better care of his body. Whether it's hitting the cold tub after games or gaining a greater understanding of his limits, the speedy outfielder has put himself in a position to be durable for the full 162. Not only does he monitor his own health, Eaton also advises his fellow teammates to be smarter about what they do.

For the veterans, taking care of their bodies becomes more important as they age. For many players, keeping in top condition could be the difference between retiring at the age of 35 or 38. Former White Sox captain Paul Konerko is the perfect example. By taking a different approach as he was approaching the end, Konerko extended his career and was still a productive player for the team at the end.

While White Sox players are responsible for staying fit, they also have their own full-time guru in Director of Conditioning Allen Thomas. For Thomas, the job is not only to keep players in top physical condition, but also getting them back on the field after injury. A former Minor Leaguer himself, "A.T." understands what the players need to do to perform at the highest level. Here are a few helpful tips from A.T. to help you live a healthier life.

A.T.'s Tips for Sox Fans at Home

  • Always Train with a Purpose: You always want to be focused on a goal. When you set goals, you have something to strive for.
  • Train Your Entire Body: When working out, it is important to find balance and make sure that the whole body is benefiting from your hard work.
  • Set Yourself Up for Success: Do whatever it takes to make sure you can be successful in creating a healthier lifestyle. Eat clean, create a schedule or find a workout buddy. Everyone has a different path to success, do it your way.