Umpires for the 111th World Series announced

Gary Cederstrom Assigned to Third Fall Classic, Including First As Crew Chief

Gary Cederstrom will serve as the crew chief for the 2015 World Series, Major League Baseball announced today. 

Cederstrom, a 22-year Major League Umpire, will lead a crew comprised of regular season crew chief Mike Winters, Mark Carlson, Mike Everitt, Alfonso Marquez, Bill Welke and Jim Wolf. All seven umpires - a group that includes the two rotating Replay Officials for the 2015 World Series - worked the Division Series this Postseason. In the event that the World Series goes to a seventh game, each of the seven umpires will call balls and strikes in one game. During Games One and Two of the Fall Classic, Welke will be on the field, including as the home plate umpire in the opener of the 111th World Series. For Game Three, Welke will become the Replay Official, while Mike Everitt, who has Replay duties in Games One and Two, will join the on-field crew in the National League City. Longtime Major League Umpire Ron Kulpa will serve as a Replay Assistant to Everitt and Welke throughout the World Series.

This marks the third career World Series for Cederstrom and his first as the Fall Classic crew chief. The North Dakota native, who was the crew chief for the New York Mets-Los Angeles Dodgers NL Division Series, previously worked the World Series in 2005 and 2011. Winters has been assigned to his fourth Fall Classic (previous: 2002, 2006 and 2010), while this will be the third for both Everitt (previous: 2007, 2009) and Marquez (previous: 2006, 2011). The 2015 World Series will be the first such assignment for Carlson, Welke and Wolf. Welke and his older brother Tim (1996, 2000, 2003 and 2008) will form only the second pair of brothers both to have worked the World Series, along with Mark and John Hirschbeck.

A complete listing of the umpire rotation for the 2015 World Series, which will be exclusively covered by FOX Sports and ESPN Radio, appears below: 

Game 1                  Umpire (experience)                    Previous Career Postseason Assignments

HP                          Bill Welke (16.5 Years)                                    1 WC; 4 DS; 1 LCS 

1B                           Mark Carlson (16.5 Years)                              4 DS; 2 LCS

2B                           Mike Winters^ (26 Years)                        1 WC; 10 DS; 5 LCS; 3 WS

3B                           Jim Wolf (14 Years)                                         4 DS; 1 LCS

LF                           Alfonso Marquez (16.5 Years)                         7 DS; 3 LCS; 2 WS

RF                          Gary Cederstrom* (22 Years)                          1 WC; 7 DS; 6 LCS; 2 WS       

Replay                    Mike Everitt (17 Years)                                    1 WC; 8 DS; 5 LCS; 2 WS

* - World Series Crew Chief; ^ - Regular Season Crew Chief

Replay Official for World Series Games 1-2:    Mike Everitt (with assistance from Ron Kulpa)

Replay Official for World Series Games 3-7:    Bill Welke (with assistance from Ron Kulpa)

Note that Everitt will become the left field umpire for Game 3, when Welke will shift to serving as the Replay Official. (Welke will be on the field in Games 1 and 2.)