Oct. 15 deGrom, Syndergaard, Murphy postgame interview

Oct. 15 deGrom, Syndergaard, Murphy postgame interview

Q. After the first inning, you give up a couple of runs. Do you make any adjust points at all because you seemed to be in control after that?
JACOB DEGROM: Yeah, Dan told me I was leaning and rushing to the plate. During the first inning I feel like they hit some good pitches that were out of the zone. They put a couple good at-bats against me and ended up scoring a couple runs. That was the last thing I wanted to do with us going up in the first inning was to go out there and give up the lead. But after that I just tried to calm it all down. I think I was a little amped up, and I just tried to make my pitches.

Q. I know the home run is what everyone's going to be talking about, but I'm really curious about you taking third. What you saw and if when you see that you think to yourself, what am I not seeing? It just seems too easy, just that whole play?
DANIEL MURPHY: That's a good description of it. Don't see me I think is the best way to describe it, please. Lucas does such a great job to win that at-bat. I think we've seen the way Zack can mix his pitches 3-1, and 3-2. So to win it, they've got the shift worked on him, so I'm kind of running into second, and I looked for it before and hoping that nobody's there, then you've got to give a peak and hope that nobody calls timeout, because then I go sprinting to third base and somebody calls timeout, and I look like a buffoon, and I didn't want that to happen.

So I take off and give a look and hope nobody's called timeout, and then at that point I'm not fleet afoot, but I was just fast enough to be able to get in there and make it.

Q. On that running to third, is that something -- we're in the age of analytics now where a lot of people are putting the shifts on. Is that something you guys talked about in Spring Training at all that came to fruition tonight?
DANIEL MURPHY: Goody's always -- Tom Goodwin, our first base coach, is always talking about keeping your head up. I've never been in the playoffs before, but starting to understand how valuable 90 feet are. It's absolutely massive. So Goody's always telling you keep your head up. Keep your head up. That was a situation where fortunately we came out on the right end of it.

Q. You had such good at-bats against Zack, and then you come up. When you hit the home run, nobody's on base and yet he's pitching from the stretch. He just was talking now about nothing was working. I figured maybe he's picking up something from the wind up. Did you notice it, and did you give it any thought at all?
DANIEL MURPHY: I did notice it just because he's kind of -- he can be quick to the plate, so I think I had to notice it because I was going to need to get my foot down just a little earlier. Once he's from the wind up, anybody's from the wind up, you have an opportunity to kind of get in rhythm with him. But like my first at-bat, he kind of -- his heater jumps on you so much that the first two surprised me.

So I had to get my foot down a little earlier. So once he went to the stretch I just get like get your feet on the earth, or he's going to chew you up and spit you out.

Q. I guess, what does this say about your team? You face Clayton and Zack four times in a best of five and you guys come out on top. What's that say about what you guys did?
DANIEL MURPHY: I think it doesn't take anything away from how great they are and what a great year they've had and that ballclub has had. I think what it says is how good our pitching staff is. I think our guys threw the ball really well. Got one sitting right next to me who came in. I was joking. I think he threw all the miles per hour tonight. I don't know what he hit, but it felt like all is what he hit. For him to come out of the bullpen -- have you ever done that before?


DANIEL MURPHY: Works a clean inning. Turns it over to Jeurys who goes six straight outs. Jacob could let it get away from him, but he only gives up two and goes six innings. I thought as much as he had to grind, that was as impressive a start as the one the first night because he had to work so hard for it.

Q. I was hoping you could describe how those nine innings went for you. I think you were up early, and then you sat down and had to get up again. What you were seeing, what you were thinking about, what they were telling you and how you felt running in?
NOAH SYNDERGAARD: Yeah, I got up four different times, and I talked to a lot of the guys in the bullpen, some of the veteran guys to learn how to handle that. They gave me some very valuable advice. But it was a very different experience for me, just the confidence that Terry has in me to go out there and pitch that inning, especially with the lead, instills a lot of confidence in myself.

Once I got out there, Travis met me at the mound and first thing he said to me was just one pitch at a time. That's all I was focused on is execute one pitch at a time.

Q. What was the best advice you got while you were standing there?
NOAH SYNDERGAARD: I just tried not to pay too much attention to the score. I knew I was going in with the lead, but all I was focused on was executing one pitch at a time and letting the rest do the work.

Q. The ball leaves your bat. I know the game's not over, there is still a lot to go. You just talked about how much faith you have in who is going to pitch the rest of that game. You had to have some inkling that this was at least massive, if not a game-winner. What did it feel like? What did you see? What were you looking for?
DANIEL MURPHY: In the at-bat?

Q. Yes.
DANIEL MURPHY: We kind of -- Zack and I were dancing around all night. I'm trying to figure out what he's doing. I think he's trying to figure out what I'm doing. Fortunately, I was able to get in a positive count and put a pretty good move on his changeup, which I don't do very often. And I got the heater finally in the spot that I was looking for, and fortunately I didn't miss it.

That is the only way to describe it. They make so few mistakes that I just didn't miss it. As far as was it going to be the winner, you still had more, there was a lot of prayer going on out there, just asking for peace and just talking to Jesus and asking for peace those last three or four innings.

Q. Is there any campaigning on your part to stay in the game or any thoughts on that after as well as you pitched in the 7th?
NOAH SYNDERGAARD: There were definitely thoughts, but I had the utmost confidence in the managerial decision to bring in Familia. He's the best closer in the game, and he did exactly what we thought he was going to do, and that is shut the door.

Q. David was just saying he's never seen you this locked in, and when you're this locked in, you're as good as anybody in the game. How do you feel about the series you had, and do you think what he said is true?
DANIEL MURPHY: I think David was on base a lot this series. I think he had four or five walks, so that helps, and also the way Cespedes is swinging the bat, it gives me pitches to hit as well too. So I feel good in there. You never think that you're going to be able to take advantage of Clayton or Zack with as good as they are. You're kind of hoping to scratch out maybe one base hit and do something positive. To be able to have three good at-bats off of somebody that good, I was surprised, but it was a lot of fun.

Q. It's an unusual path for you from the bullpen to the mound. What were you seeing? What were you thinking about, what were you hearing during that?
NOAH SYNDERGAARD: Throughout the game I was just trying to take little mental photographs of everything around me, just trying to soak in as much as I could. The blood was flowing a little bit. I was a little juiced up, but just to break it down, just focused on one pitch at a time and that's as simple as it gets. I think that's the key to success in that situation.

Q. Those 200 feet from the door to the mound maybe feel odd?
NOAH SYNDERGAARD: No, I actually felt like I sprinted the whole way there. Kind of tuned out there and just kind of was very focused and locked in and ready to go.