More reason to cheer with Fallon's new gear

More reason to cheer with Fallon's new gear

With 2015 marking the 10th anniversary of the movie "Fever Pitch," just think back to those Red Sox glory days, when Jimmy Fallon said as the obsessed character Ben: "I like being part of something that's bigger than me, than I. It's good for your soul to invest in something you can't control."

The brand-new Hands High gear that just arrived at is for fans just like Ben who tend to raise their arms a lot during games.

The apparel line was introduced by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host on Wednesday night, and what's new is the Major League Baseball team logo right there on your armpits. Raise your arms to cheer, or do the wave -- like his Hands High-clad audience did -- and you show team loyalty.

"I'm always coming up with ideas for new inventions," Fallon said. "Some things are just fun for the show, other things are just random ideas that will haunt people's nightmares and dreams for years to come. Well, one of these ideas just became a real thing.

"My idea is basically this: Say you're at a big game -- what do you do when your team wins or scores a touchdown or a big moment or makes a great play? You do this, right? (Raises arms.) So that's what I realized: Why isn't there anything here? There's never anything in the armpits.

"That's prime real estate. You want to build a beach house here."

Fallon initially wanted to call them "PITZ" -- "young and hip and funky-fresh. I pitched it around. Apparently no one likes the idea of 'PITZ'."

But Shop partner and apparel manufacturer G-III liked the overall concept, and on Thursday, the new gear started selling. Hands High initially consists of men's T-shirts, long sleeves tops, zip hoodies and pullover sweatshirts. In addition to logos under the arms, Hands High gear features team logos and other design elements on the front.

You'll find the first arrivals right there alongside all that postseason gear that is almost out of control this particular October, given the soaring interest in the Cubs, Mets, Dodgers, Blue Jays and Royals, as well as the eliminated clubs.

Following this Hands High launch, G-III plans to expand the collection with women's and youth apparel.

"I'm just walking around, it looks like a normal sweatshirt: 'Hey, what's happening?'" Fallon said. "And then all of a sudden it's like, 'Oh, I'm a crazy fan.'"

Just like Ben.

"To have a truly new compelling idea in the fashion arena is rare," said G-III Chairman and CEO Morris Goldfarb. "We are excited about this new product line, which we believe will be a complementary addition to our team sports business. We look forward to partnering with Jimmy Fallon with respect to the Hands High concept and other ideas in the future."

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