Fans celebrate special night at Wrigley Field

Fans celebrate special night at Wrigley Field

CHICAGO -- Connor, Brynn and Ryan McNicholas came to Wrigley Field on Tuesday night because they "couldn't not be at the game today." The quadruplets came without one of their siblings, but still made their way to Addison and Clark Streets wearing Cubs scarves and pairs of large, thick glasses in honor of Hall of Fame broadcaster Harry Carey.

And after the Cubs defeated the Cardinals in Game 4 of the National League Division Series to advance to the NLCS, they immediately took the streets to celebrate with the tens of thousands of fans. Along with 42,411 others, they watched as the Cubs clinched their first postseason series at Wrigley Field in franchise history.

Game Date Results
Gm 1 Oct. 9 STL 4, CHC 0
Gm 2 Oct. 10 CHC 6, STL 3
Gm 3 Oct. 12 CHC 8, STL 6
Gm 4 Oct. 13 CHC 6, STL 4

"That's why we're here, to be a part of Chicago history," Ryan said. "My grandparents were all born, lived and died without the Cubs winning the World Series, so we're the first generation of Cubs fans to experience this."

Their stories are like many from fans who packed the streets in celebration. No picture was left unsnapped and no high-five went unreturned in the celebration.

Friends were carried on shoulders and drummers pounded on buckets as fans sang and chanted "Go Cubs Go." Some played the harmonica or guitar. Others played both.

There was Kathy Anderson with her friend Cindy Stolz, who said they didn't want to miss the chance to witness history. Both are Chicago natives, though they never predicted they would find themselves singing with strangers.

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"It's just absolutely amazing," said Anderson, who also made the trip to Pittsburgh for the National League Wild Card Game. "We were worried it would go to St. Louis and we might have to call in. It's really surreal. Even in the end we're like, 'Don't get to too excited yet.'"

Kathy and Cindy stayed until the end, but not everyone was able to. Rich Hoffman and Steve Trilling watched part of the ninth inning from the concourse on the televisions. Rich, a first-year season-ticket holder, was determined to beat out the crowd of thousands, even as Steve pleaded to stay until the last out.

They were lucky just to have tickets to the sold-out game. Todd Bissett and his wife, Rachel, came up from Texas to watch Game 3, but they couldn't leave and possibly miss the experience. So they spent the game at one of the restaurants and bars in the Wrigley neighborhood watching the game before they spilled onto the street.

But they didn't mind missing the game in person if it meant they could see "Cubs Win" flash across the marquee behind the home-plate entrance.

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"We're here for that history, it doesn't get any cooler than that," Todd said.

Many stayed into the night on the streets celebrating the win, and others such as Connor, Brynn and Ryan also celebrated their birthday on Friday with their two other brothers.

"The nerves in the top of the ninth when we got the out; everyone was just nuts," Ryan said. "It was just euphoria that you could not have ever seen before in Chicago."

"Best birthday gift. Ever," Connor added.

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