Oct 13 Wilmer Flores pregame interview

Q. I'm curious, compared to April, having gone through now 96 games played at the shortstop position and another one in Game 3, how much better do you think you've gotten at the position and in what specific ways than even, let's say, back in April?

WILMER FLORES: Well, in the off-season really, I worked hard, because the Mets wanted me to play short, and I got the opportunity to play short, and I took full advantage of it. And I really worked hard to play shortstop here, and I feel very comfortable out there.

Q. It's been quite a season for you. Could you describe the emotions and the roller coaster of it?

WILMER FLORES: Yeah, there's been ups and downs. You know, what happened in the Trade Deadline was crazy, but it happened for a reason, and this is the reason.

Q. What did you and the guys think of seeing Tejada on the field before the game last night?

WILMER FLORES: Well, it was a special moment for Ruben after he went out the last game in LA. I think we all got his back. He was out there, he was there the whole game, and I think that was an emotional moment.

Q. You and the fans have developed a special relationship as the season has gone on. Can you talk about that and what that's meant to you? And has it motivated you even more to perform at a higher level?

WILMER FLORES: It really has. It has motivated me. You know, I really appreciate what they did for me. They really have respect for the players, and we have respect for them. And we really owe them.

Q. About that, since that happened that night on the field, how do fans respond to you when you bump into them away from the ballpark in person, and what do they tell you about that night?

WILMER FLORES: Well, they, you know, they think that it was a special moment that they've never seen anything like it. And you know, I really didn't want to show my emotions out there, but it happened.

Q. Do you ever think about how differently your season and your life might be if you had gotten traded then?

WILMER FLORES: Yeah, I have. You know, I started thinking like I was going to play in Milwaukee and what would have happened, I mean, but it didn't. But I do think about it.

Q. Wilmer, you talked about how not getting traded in that moment kind of motivated you in terms of the fans. Did you feel that was sort of a basis for the motivation you had last night, you know, when you had a lot of your teammates talking about winning the game for Ruben Tejada, but you're literally at his position and filling in for him, and did that play a part in how you thought about motivating yourself last night?

WILMER FLORES: Yeah, it did. Obviously you don't want Ruben to get hurt. I play shortstop, but I don't want Ruben to get hurt, never. And you know, I'm feeling for Ruben, and I think we all motivated; we're going to do it for Ruben.