Oct. 11 Brett Anderson workout day interview

Oct. 11 Brett Anderson workout day interview

THE MODERATOR: Brett, thanks for being here. First question.

Q. Given that the intensity level of the series has been escalated by the events last night, if this game started with the teams being issued warnings, how impactful do you think that would be for you?

BRETT ANDERSON: I don't think it would be very impactful because, you know, it's not like Clayton where I pitch in, pitch in, pitch in constantly. More of stay in the bottom zone, get ground balls and try to keep them off balance. But yeah, we'll wait and see what happens when we get there.

Q. Brett, you were teammates with Cespedes. I was wondering with that familiarity gave you a plan of attack towards him.

BRETT ANDERSON: No. It gave me an appreciation of how talented and what type of player he is, and obviously it's shown since he's come over here. But I'm going to pitch to my strengths, and if I can stay away from his strengths and hopefully they match up well.

But I wouldn't say playing with him gives me an advantage, because that was a short stint and it wasn't like I was career-wise with him. But no, he's tremendously talented and a threat and can hit pitches four inches off the plate for homers against a guy that should probably win the Cy Young. So I gotta go out there and make my pitches, too, and try to get him out.

Q. Do you expect any carryover from the play at second base, any reprisals, any of those kind of things?

BRETT ANDERSON: I mean, I don't really have to worry about that. I'm not going up against Matt Harvey except for every, you know, hopefully multiple at-bats, but that's up to their side. If they deem necessary, then so be it.

As long as I don't have to slide, I think I'll be all right. Let the position players worry about the sliding and that whole deal. That's what I was telling somebody, that's kind of what I would have looked like going into second except I would have made it about a third of the way there and then kind of just rolled and not hit anybody.

I'll let them decide that and go from there.

Q. What's your appreciation of Chase Utley as a teammate?

BRETT ANDERSON: I mean, it's such a small sample size, but he plays tremendously hard. I don't think there was any intent to injure him. It was kind of one of those fluke plays where his back was turned and his lower half was kind of compromised.

But no, he plays harder than anybody. Just the first time I've been able to play in front of him and watch him from afar. That's the type of player that he is.

Q. You talked about needing caffeine to get up for your normal starts. Are you going to take a lower dose of Red Bull before tomorrow's game?

BRETT ANDERSON: No. It's another start. I mean, obviously it's a little more ramifications and more people and a hostile environment, but no, I'm still going to -- if I woke up and didn't have anything, I'd be kind of boring. So I need to listen to my heavy metal and kind of rage out for a little bit and get some caffeine and Red Bull in me. Once you get out there and start warming up, the playoff adrenaline kind of ramps up. But you try to treat it just like another start. But once you feel the adrenaline, feel the crowd it'll kind of kick in and it'll be fun.