Oct. 11 Ned Yost pregame interview

Oct. 11 Ned Yost pregame interview

THE MODERATOR: Want to say anything about today's lineup before we start with questions.

NED YOST: Same lineup. Volquez is pitching.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Who else has a question?

Q. In the Postseason, does a manager's role change any that you can note?

NED YOST: No, not really. I think it's the same. You show up every day and try to find ways to win a baseball game.

A lot of times you might need to encourage. We don't need -- I don't need to do that here. Our guys are full of confidence, full of energy, so I don't see anything where anything changes between here and the regular season for me, at least it hasn't for us.

Q. Was Ventura in Game 4 a lean before the rain came the other day and then it became a certainty, or were you certain you were going to go with Ventura in Game 4 before the series started?

NED YOST: Probably going to go with him before. We sat down as a group and looked at it. Ventura bounces back really, really well. We wanted to have our best power arms coming at these guys. It made sense to go Ventura, Cueto, Eddie, and then Ventura, Cueto again. That's why we got Johnny to pitch in big games.

And Ventura has been one of our best starters going down towards the end of the season and we like the fact that we had Chris Young who has been throwing the ball so well in long relief to use at home in the big ballpark, fly ball pitcher in a big ballpark. And Kris Medlen in long relief here. Ground ball pitcher, in a smaller ballpark. So we felt like it set us up real nice.

Q. Does it matter to you whether the roof is open or closed?

NED YOST: It doesn't matter to me, yeah, it doesn't matter to me. Both teams play in it, it's fair for both teams, I don't see what an advantage it has for one team or the other to have the roof open or the roof closed.

I think somebody said last time they opened the roof because the opposing team complained that it was too loud. I like loud. That doesn't bother me. I like loud. So that doesn't bother me and I don't see any advantage or disadvantage for either team to have the roof opened or the roof closed.

Q. You did a really good job in September of getting guys days off and everything. Are you seeing a difference now at all in the energy or legs or anything?

NED YOST: No, not really. I don't see any difference in the energy or the style of play compared to last year when we had to grind it out to the last, the last couple days of the season. The playoffs are so different. You saw the atmosphere in Kansas City. It's like the players and the coaches, we're like iPhones that you plug in. And the crowd energizes you, it charges your battery. So no matter what you feel like, once that game starts, you feel great.

So the adrenaline kicks in and there's -- if you got little dings and nicks, they seem to go away. If you're a little bit worn down, that seems to go away. So I don't see any difference in it.

Q. It seemed as if your team took a little uncharacteristically --

NED YOST: I can't hear a thing you're saying right now.

Q. It seemed like your team took a little bit uncharacteristically patient approach against Keuchel here and it didn't work, and then they attacked him in Kansas City. Did you see that difference?

NED YOST: That was really the first time that we faced him here, so we didn't really know -- you can see him on video and you watch a lot of video, but it's not quite the same as seeing it live.

So, we have the advantage now of seeing him twice. We got a pretty good idea what we're going to get, what we're going to see. And I'm not saying we're going to go out and attack, and I'm not saying we're going to be patient. They're just going to go out, I think everybody sitting around the cage yesterday, everybody had their own little plan of attacks how they were going to go about it, and it was interesting to hear.

Q. I know you have your own team to worry about, but last night, the Chase Utley play in Los Angeles, is that to you at all a dirty play and does baseball need to address that?

NED YOST: I don't have any comment on that. That doesn't have anything to do with my team or this series. Sorry, I'm not getting involved in that drama.


NED YOST: Thank you.