Oct. 10 Jorge Soler postgame interview

Q. Jorge, it's been a struggle for you to find playing time since you got hurt. How have you stayed ready and how satisfying was this day for you today? 

JORGE SOLER: (Through interpreter). After my at-bat yesterday, I felt pretty good at the plate; and getting an opportunity to play today, all I was trying to do is help the team win.

Q. Jorge, a lot was made of the fact that you guys hadn't seen Jaime Garcia before, but apparently you didn't have any problems with him the first two times you saw him. Can you talk about your approach to him and specifically what you saw in the ball that you hit out?

JORGE SOLER: After my first at-bat, I saw the ball really well. I was able to hit a double. And then my second at-bat I was up there, I was looking for a fastball, looking for a fastball, and I thought after all the pitches, I would just get a ball up, and he got a ball up where I could hit it hard.

Q. What has changed for you since your injury? Where mentally have you gone to improve yourself, relax yourself and be kind of a different hitter than you were before you got hurt?

JORGE SOLER: Before I got hurt, it felt like I was swinging at too many bad pitches, and when I came back, I've been talking to Manny Ramirez about how to stay in the zone, and he's helped me out a lot with that. And right now I'm just trying to get my at-bats and working good counts and trying to get ahead of counts.

Q. Joe said that despite how many rookie hitters are on this team, the young hitters don't play like they're young; they play like they're experienced. How do you guys look at yourself as a group?

JORGE SOLER: I don't think about it, I just go up there and try to play the game like I've always played. I have a lot of respect for what we do, and I just want to help us win.

Q. Montero said before the game he talked to you and said that you were going to have a really big night tonight. Will you describe the interaction with him before the game?

JORGE SOLER: I was talking to Miguel before the game in the dugout, and Miguel came up to me and said "you could have a really good game." And he was right, I had a good game.

Q. You're very quiet, but when you went around after the home run, we saw you put your arm up and kind of demonstrative. Were you pretty excited after the home run?

JORGE SOLER: Yes, I was very, very happy.

Q. You said you were happy but also relieved. I know the last weekend in Milwaukee you didn't play much. Pittsburgh, didn't play. How did you keep your patience knowing that maybe you would get a chance down the road and took advantage of it tonight?

JORGE SOLER: I just focused on how to prepare myself and how to get ready for each and every game in case I got the opportunity to play, and when I saw my name in the lineup today, I was ready.

Q. How is it that no one gets jealous of anybody else on this team and the fact that even though you had a great night tonight, you may sit the next game and still be able to cheer the other guys on?

JORGE SOLER: All year long everybody has put their part in. We try to do whatever we can for one another, and we pull for each other every day.