Oct. 10 Travis Wood postgame interview

Q. Travis, Joe makes a big thing about batting practice is optional. A day like this, batting practice is optional; none of your guys went out and took batting practice on the field. Were you tempted?

TRAVIS WOOD: (Laughs). No, because that's kinda been our thing all year. If you want to go out and hit, get your work in, other than that, get ready for the ball game and it's kinda been working for us.

Q. Travis, we can't figure out Joe's strategy. We can't figure him out from game to game. Is there any way you guys can figure out what he's going to do from game to game? I mean, it's kinda like, what's next in the magic show.

TRAVIS WOOD: I feel like that's kinda his goal. That way everybody is always on their toes. You never get complacent; you never get set back, you're always ready to go.

Q. Travis, how would you assess your bullpen?

TRAVIS WOOD: Bullpen was outstanding. Kyle kind of paved the way. He got into a little bit of trouble, but he was able to get us to the fifth, and a couple of solo homers. I was fortunate enough to come in and be able to get us two-and-a-third, and then Cahill came in and did outstanding, and Ronnie closed the door. You can't ask for much more.

Q. Travis, how do you assess the serious 1-1 going home with Arrieta pitching?

TRAVIS WOOD: I feel like it's a must-win game for us today, going back to Chicago, going back 1-1 instead of down 2, kind of felt like the moment swing back into our favor, and Jake taking the mound tomorrow, we're going to roll into it and try to keep it rolling.