Oct. 9 Noah Syndergaard pregame interview

Q. In your mind, what was the importance in those last two road starts for you just getting over that home-road split thing?

NOAH SYNDERGAARD: To me it's just all about getting comfortable out there on the mound, on the road. I feel like on the last couple starts I had on the road I had a lot of success, lot of comforts. The big thing for me was being able to execute my pitches and become more of a pitcher, not a thrower. And I feel like that's going to play a huge role tomorrow night.

Q. Justin Turner was with the Mets when you were coming up through the minors. What are your memories of him in New York?

NOAH SYNDERGAARD: I never got the opportunity to play with him. He did make one rehab start when I was in AA, but he's a great guy, tremendous hitter, and I'm looking forward to facing him tomorrow.

Q. Noah, you talk about being more of a pitcher instead of a thrower. Where do you think was your biggest leap there as the season went along? What allowed you to make that jump to become a pitcher as opposed to a thrower?
NOAH SYNDERGAARD: Just going out there and being able to execute my pitches. The establishment of being able to throw my fastball to both sides of the plate. I mean, big league hitters can catch up to the fastball to no matter how hard it is. So as long as you're able to change speeds, I feel like I'm going to have success tomorrow night.

Q. You talked about you just got more comfortable on the road. Was there anything specific that you did changing your routine? I mean, we hear players bring mattresses sometimes on the road. Is there anything you did?

NOAH SYNDERGAARD: No, nothing too drastic to change my routine. To be honest, at the beginning of the year when I was having struggles on the road; it wasn't that I felt uncomfortable out there. I felt like my stuff was there. It's just a couple series of bad events happened and I got a little unlucky, and it's pretty easy to pitch at home when you have the Mets fans. I think they're the best fans in baseball.

Q. Was there a moment this year where you felt like you finally got it when you got to the level that you wanted to get to as a Major League pitcher?

NOAH SYNDERGAARD: I think it was probably the start against the Nationals at home. It was a great atmosphere there. It was a huge series, so I felt like that was when I made the jump into becoming a big league pitcher.

Q. What do you remember making that start here on that Friday night when you pitched against Kershaw in that game?

NOAH SYNDERGAARD: The atmosphere here was electric. I can't imagine what it's going to be tonight. We've all been looking forward to it, and it's going to be a lot of fun.