Ozzie, Williams have stronger bond after 2010

Ozzie, Williams have stronger bond after 2010

CHICAGO -- Although both Ken Williams and Ozzie Guillen would have preferred to avoid this year's public and private controversies, leading to a rift in their friendship, they both feel that bond ultimately has come out stronger.

"Kenny and myself have been talking the last four, five, six days the same way. I don't have any doubt we can put this thing back in place," Guillen said. "We're grown men. I think our friendship got better the last couple of weeks. I think that helped.

"All that stuff outside helped to see what kind of people we are, and we really care about each other. I think it was good. Even if people think it was bad, I think it was good to see what kind of people we are, if we are professional and we are good human beings. We talked, and everything was good."

Guillen officially announced his return Monday after meeting with Williams and White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, meaning Guillen won't be let out of the final year of his contract. On Sunday, Guillen said there was little doubt in his mind about staying with the White Sox, knowing he can do this job and understanding his passion for the organization.

There was little doubt in his mind the relationship with Williams can be close to completely repaired.

"Oh, yeah. I would definitely say that, and I'm glad he said it," Williams said. "We had a strong bond before March of 2010 here. I don't expect anything other than a great working relationship on the field and off the field. A great friendship."