Oct. 8 Johnny Cueto pregame interview

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon, everybody. We're going to get started with tomorrow's Game 2 pitcher, Kansas City's Johnny Cueto and translator Pedro Grifol.

Q. Johnny, from the time when you were struggling to when you were pitching better at the end, what do you think the big differences were?

JOHNNY CUETO: He says that he had never gone through something like that before. That season is over. This is a new season. And you'll get to see what Johnny Cueto is all about.

Q. Johnny, in the couple months you've been here, what stands out about Yordano? What impresses you the most about him?

JOHNNY CUETO: His ability to listen. Since he's been here, he's gotten to know him. He talks to him a lot. Volqy talks to him a lot. Dave Eiland also. Just his ability to listen, tied up with all the ability that he has to pitch.

Q. Johnny, you were brought in here to be the October ace. Are you okay with being the second guy in the rotation?

JOHNNY CUETO: Most important thing here is to win games, whether he's pitching one, two, wherever. The most important thing is to win games, and he's not -- he needs to pitch on regular time. He doesn't like to pitch on four days.

Q. Johnny, it's been said that your influence has helped Yordano improve in the second half. Is there anything that you can take credit for, I mean, humbly that maybe you had something to do with him turning his season around?

JOHNNY CUETO: The one thing that they always talk about is location. Starting in the bullpen, how to work, his command in the bullpen, how to really throw a bullpen. And him, along with everybody else that has spoken to him, has been able to help him with that and get through his own struggles and to be where he is right now.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Johnny. Good luck tomorrow.