Drew's dizziness might be concussion

Drew's dizziness might be concussion

NEW YORK -- Stephen Drew stood in front of his locker on Tuesday night and wondered if the dizziness that has plagued him for more than the past week is a concussion.

The Yankees' second baseman underwent more tests before Tuesday's 10-4 drubbing by the Red Sox, although Drew was sidelined for yet another game after taking a ground ball to the face earlier this month when the Yankees played at Citi Field. That dizziness has begun to impact Drew's everyday life, where he has not been able to complete simple tasks such as driving.

Unless something drastically changes in the next few days, the Yankees and Drew both sounded doubtful he will be able to play again in 2015.

"Right now, the number one step is just to get this under control and work on my everyday life, where it's constantly limiting through the day," Drew said. "Trying to get that resolved, and once that goes, and we can go to the next step."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said before the game: "My thought is, we haven't really seen any improvement for these 10 days, two weeks, so, I don't know what's going to turn it around. I think right now we're kind of playing it like we're not going to have him."

Drew said the MRI he received on Tuesday tested for "more serious brain stuff" and that it fortunately came back negative. But he is still awaiting the results of the various concussion tests he has received through the past few days.

His issues stem back to a concussion he suffered in 2013 while still with the Red Sox that messed up his vestibular system and caused him to miss more than three months.

"When I had it in '13, I had a really severe one," Drew said. "The ball hits me, I'm very prone to have that again. ... We know it's vestibular just because of the off-balanced feeling the dizziness that I have, it's now the protocol of what do we do next."

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