Weiss not thinking about job status

Weiss not thinking about job status

DENVER -- Rockies manager Walt Weiss said no news is just that -- no news -- when it comes to whether he will return in 2016 for the final year of his three-year contract.

Speculation arose after general manager Jeff Bridich was non-committal during an interview with MLB Network Radio on Sunday.

Weiss, hired by previous general manager Dan O'Dowd before the 2013 season, said pretty much what Bridich said, that the issue would come up after the season. The Rockies finished fifth and fourth in the National League West in Weiss' first two years, and they will finish fifth this year. Pitching difficulties, with a lack of a true ace, have been a perpetual problem.

"I wasn't even planning on talking to [Bridich] at this point," Weiss said. "I'm still under contract for next year."

Weiss declined to discuss whether he wanted to go into next year in the final season of his contract.

"I don't get hung up on that stuff," said Weiss, who said he does not have an agent. "That stuff will take care of itself. Even as a player, I never worried about my contract."

Weiss managed the first year with no contract, and the Rockies negotiated the three-year deal to prevent public speculation. Bridich didn't give definitive information during the radio interview, and a new round of speculation has sprung.

"He's got another year on his contract," Bridich said in the interview. "I think everybody knows that, when he extended. We'll make a determination. We'll have meetings, sit down and talk, and see what the right fit is. This isn't the time or place yet to say 100 percent yes or no. He's got to have a part in that, too. We're going to let the season play out before we make that determination."

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