Maddon has no problem with Wrigley concerts

Maddon has no problem with Wrigley concerts

CHICAGO -- After the Cubs committed three errors in Monday's game against the Brewers -- the fourth time they've done so this season -- manager Joe Maddon was quick to shift some of the blame from his team.

The culprit?


AC/DC was one of three artists to perform at Wrigley this summer, following Billy Joel and the Zac Brown Band. But after AC/DC's performance on Sept. 15, groundskeepers laid an entirely new outfield of sod before a 10-game homestand.

"Since the AC/DC concert, we've had a little bit of trouble," Maddon quipped after Monday's game. "I don't know if they were out there taking ground balls before the game, or if they had nine-inch heels or spikes.

"They totally messed up the infield, and it has nothing to do with the groundskeepers. I've seen a bad hop at third, and a bad hop at second. I didn't see one bad hop all year. We've just got to get it ironed out, because I think [second baseman] Starlin [Castro] has done a nice job at second base. I don't want anyone blaming him on that error. It was a weird hop."

A self-proclaimed music fan, Maddon said on Tuesday that his comments were a joke gone flat and that his only complaint is that he would have liked to attend one of the concerts himself. He is more than glad to have concerts return to Wrigley Field.

"I have no problem with any of that," he said. "It was an attempt at weak humor yesterday, so I was guilty of that.

"I just like the idea of a city getting these kinds of things. This particular area, it's so vibrant. Why wouldn't you do it here? I think it's great. I would never want to get in the way of that."

• Maddon indicated that his rotation, should the Cubs continue into the postseason, would be "fluid." After consistent starters Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester, the back end of the rotation has struggled to extend late into games as the regular season concludes.

And that's led Maddon to consider using relievers to start a game, much like he would for a doubleheader to avoid bringing up another starter. It worked for him against Philadelphia and St. Louis within the last week, but that doesn't mean he will commit to the idea.

"There's different ways to get it done," he said. "I'm not trying to insinuate anything right now. I'm just saying that there are different things to be considered."

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