Marlins Ayudan to visit partner schools this week to provide dental and eye screenings for students

Students from Lenora B. Smith Elementary School to receive dental screenings today; students from Miami Senior High School to receive eye screenings on Friday

Marlins Ayudan will provide dental and eye screenings for students at three Marlins Ayudan Partner Schools this week. Students at Lenora B. Smith Elementary School (4700 NW 12th Avenue, Miami, FL, 33127) will receive dental screenings today, while ninth-grade students at Miami Senior High School (2450 SW 1st St, Miami, FL, 33135) will receive eye screenings on Friday, September 25. In addition, all students at Booker T. Washington Senior High School received eye screenings yesterday. 

Miami Senior is in its fourth year of being a Marlins Ayudan Partner school, while Booker T. Washington and Lenora B. Smith are in the midst of their second year. Through the Marlins Ayudan School Partnership Program (MASPP) initiative, Marlins Ayudan directly impacts the lives and education of the youth in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The program's goals are to work with partner schools in identifying areas of greatest need, develop a measurable game plan to address those needs, implement the game plan by utilizing Marlins Ayudan teams' individual and collective strengths and leave a lasting legacy at each partner school.

The Marlins partnered with the Florida Heiken Children's Vision Program of the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired to provide the free eye screenings, and with Spodak Dental Group for the free dental screenings. In addition, charitable contributions by three-time All-Star Giancarlo Stanton made the dental screenings possible. The goal of the screenings is to help improve the overall health of the students, increasing regular school attendance and school success. The iAttend Miami-Dade County Public Schools Initiative found that 5.7 percent of students, more than 20,000, are absent from school on any given day. The initiative aims to inform parents and students of the correlation between regular attendance and school success.