Beat the Streak in a Day, become a millionaire

Beat the Streak in a Day, become a millionaire

When the 2015 season comes to a close,'s Beat the Streak game will have gone a 15th straight year without a grand-prize winner.

That's $5.6 million that's still on the table.

Millions have tried valiantly. Some have come close. But for at least one more year, fans have flied out to the BTS warning track.

However, there is still another shot at it all. Another chance at a lifetime's worth of fame and fortune. Until 7 p.m. ET tonight, you can play for a life-altering windfall by playing Beat the Streak in a Day.

Those MLB season tickets you've always wanted? They'd be yours for years to come. Want to hit every Major League ballpark? You'd be traveling first class.

And if you think all that's unobtainable without a ton of toiling, think again. Because thanks to Beat the Streak in a Day -- one of's fantasy games -- $5.6 million could become a part of your reality in just a few hours today.

In's traditional Beat the Streak game, participants try to establish a virtual hitting streak by picking one or two big leaguers per day, with their streaks continuing as long as their selections collect at least one hit in their contests. Stretch a streak to 57, and you win the ultimate cash prize.

Beat the Streak in a Day works the same way, except for one not-so-small difference: Fans can make all 57 picks at once. Get them all right, and you can call yourself a millionaire.

Those who want to play can do so two ways:

1. Eligible fans looking to flaunt their baseball acumen can show their stuff by picking the "Select Your Own" option, which allows for all 57 picks to be made by the participant.

2. Entry can be made with just an easy button push, too, as "Quick Pick" will choose 57 of the top big leaguers based on several criteria: Top batting averages, most hits and highest hits-to-games-played rates this year. The final decision rests with you, however; if you don't like some of the selections, you can change any or all of them as you'd like.

Fans who wish to join the quick-hitting fun can do so until 7 p.m. ET today. Just visit to sign up.

Regardless of the game's outcome, someone will leave a winner. If no one bats 1.000 (57-for-57), a $500 gift certificate will be awarded to the fan who comes closest.

Cool consolations were also granted each time BTS in a Day ran in 2014; the last time it was played, the leader took home a solid sum following an impressive 51-for-57 (89.5 percent) performance. And don't think that was an outlier of some sort, as a handful of others also finished within striking distance. Baseball is truly a game of inches, and with a few bloops here and a seeing-eye bleeder there, you could become a BTS legend with just one push of a button.

In 14-plus seasons of BTS play, no one has matched Joe DiMaggio's record hitting streak of 56, set in 1941. To win the game's $5.6 million grand prize, one must top Joe D.'s streak by one. Whether someone can do so today remains to be seen.

Zachary Finkelstein is a fantasy editor for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.