Scoiscia, Street differ on expanded roster rules

'I think it's a beautiful tradition,' Angels closer says of current system

Scoiscia, Street differ on expanded roster rules

SEATTLE -- Those harping for Major League Baseball to change its September roster-expansion rules received strong supportive evidence on Tuesday night, when the Dodgers and Rockies combined to use a record 58 players in a 16-inning game.

Every player on a team's 40-man roster can be active from the start of September to the end of the regular season, and many throughout the game have long thought that it's too much, including Angels manager Mike Scioscia.

"The whole game management drastically changes from a regular-season game, pre-September," Scioscia said. "I don't think that's the spirit of what rosters should be. You always want a couple extra guys because it's the time of year when guys get a little tired and you might need a couple extra pitchers. You want some speed. You bring up a third catcher. But it should be equitable."

Scioscia proposed a rule where teams lock in their 25-man rosters on Aug. 31, and then they can activate any additional five players for the month of September on any given game.

Veteran closer Huston Street proposed nothing at all.

Street believed carrying up to 40 players for the final month was too valuable for teams that are out of the race and want to find out if their prospects can handle a Major League environment.

"You can't figure out what a guy can do in three days, four days -- you need 30," said Street, a Union rep while with the A's and Rockies.

"I think it's for the greater good of the game that September callups get to come up. I think it's a beautiful tradition to watch guys make their debuts, but I think organizationally, it really allows you to map things out. It gives you concrete feel of how guys react to the big league level."

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