Holland, rocking 'Wild Thing' hair, meets Sheen

Holland, rocking 'Wild Thing' hair, meets Sheen

ANAHEIM -- Derek Holland, who recently started sporting Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn's signature haircut, got to meet the actor who played the starring role in "Major League" -- Charlie Sheen -- after his win over the Angels on Saturday night.

It doesn't get much better then this. The man himself the real wild thing was in attendance tonight.… https://t.co/vR13YLM56k

— Derek Holland (@Dutch_Oven45) September 6, 2015

Holland and Sheen, who had never met, started texting after they appeared in the same "Intentional Talk" episode on MLB Network on Friday -- where Holland talked about his haircut, which Sheen approved. The day before Holland's start, the actor told Holland he was in Anaheim and wanted to come by the Rangers' clubhouse to meet him. After the Rangers' win, Sheen arrived.

"After the game he texted me, and I said, 'Get down here. We want to meet you, get down here.' Took him awhile, but he got down here," Holland said. "The crazy thing is to see how excited he was to see me and see the hair."


The sheen approved @charliesheen #wildthing #winning #thesheen

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When Holland came out of the showers, Sheen was there waiting, but he didn't see Holland. Holland said he snuck up behind Sheen and whispered in his ear, "Hey, you here to see me?"

"He turned around and he just went, 'Oh my god,'" Holland said. "He was, like, freaking out."

Then Holland broke out his Jobu doll -- also from the movie -- which he kept in his locker, and which Sheen didn't know about.

"When Jobu made the appearance, he went berserk," Holland said. "He didn't even know what to do."

Sheen also took pictures with Holland's teammates, talked some baseball and regaled the Rangers with stories -- like how he once bought up all the left-field seats at Angel Stadium to try to catch a home run ball. Sheen sat all alone in left field, and not one baseball came his way.

Holland joked that his only regret was that he could only spend about 30 minutes hanging out with Sheen in the locker room, and didn't get to party with him afterwards.

"That guy is a party animal," Holland said. "But, I mean, a day game today? Come on. No chance. I'm trying to make it here, I'm not trying to miss the game and miss my flight to Seattle."

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