After hit to head, Lugo's CAT scan negative

After hit to head, Lugo's CAT scan negative

ANAHEIM -- When a pickoff throw from the Angels' Jered Weaver missed his first baseman's glove and hit the Orioles' Julio Lugo in the head in the first inning of Sunday's 1-0 win at Angel Stadium, O's manager Buck Showalter thought it had hit Lugo's helmet.

"It hit the helmet, I could hear it," Showalter said. "I hope that wasn't his head that I heard."

According to Lugo, the ball making direct contact with his head is actually what Showalter heard.

"It didn't hit me in the helmet," Lugo said. "It hit me straight in the back of the head right on top of my [right] ear."

Lugo left the game and received a CAT scan, which came back negative, and he also met with Angels doctor Lewis Yocum. Though he remained on the ground near first base briefly, Lugo said he never lost consciousness.

"I just got hit hard, I just got stung," he said. "I felt fine, I could play, I just wanted to be careful. I'm just going to wait and see how I feel tomorrow and the next day. I felt dizzy and a little ringing in my ear, then I felt fine."

The Orioles are off on Monday.

Lugo, 34, has suffered a concussion in his career, when he took a knee to the head as he slid in to second base in 2008. Lugo said Sunday's impact did not have the same feeling.

"We go into Tuesday figuring we're going to be on the cautious side," Showalter said.

The Angels first baseman Juan Rivera is a converted outfielder. Showalter said that Rivera told him Weaver threw a cutter to first.

The Orioles bench is already short with Adam Jones and Brian Roberts both missing the game. Jones is expected to return on Tuesday.