Miami gets 5th pick in Competitive Balance Round A

PHOENIX -- The Marlins ended up with the fifth pick in next year's Competitive Balance round of Major League Baseball's Draft after Wednesday's lottery.

The Marlins had the fourth-best odds (8.9 percent) of winning the lottery like they did last year. The Reds won Wednesday's lottery.

Teams in one of the 10 smallest markets or with one of the 10 smallest revenue pools are eligible to receive a compensatory pick. Competitive Balance Round A is between the first and second rounds; Competitive Balance Round B is between the second and third rounds.

"I think it's great if you end up going through and utilizing it in the Draft and it gives you more options to secure better players," Marlins manager Dan Jennings said. "At the same time, if it makes sense to move that pick to help your Major League team, then that also has to factor in."

The Marlins traded the 2015 Competitive Balance pick to the Pirates for reliever Bryan Morris and sent their 2016 Competitive Balance pick to the Astros as part of the package that landed Jarred Cosart.

"It brought us immediate dividends even before the following Draft when we could have used it," Jennings said.

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