Liriano's status not affected by incident

Liriano's status not affected by incident

MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins top pitching prospect Francisco Liriano was arrested by the Cape Coral Police Department early Thursday morning and charged with driving under the influence.

The 22-year-old pitcher was pulled over on Cape Coral Parkway around 1:58 a.m. ET after leaving a bar in Cape Coral, Fla. Liriano was issued three sobriety tests at the scene and failed all of them. He was given a breathalyzer test at the police precinct where his blood alcohol level registered at .133. The Florida legal limit is .08.

"I feel like I made a mistake and I'll pay for it," Liriano said. "I'm responsible for what I did. I'm really sorry for what happened. I made a big mistake."

Twins general manager Terry Ryan, manager Ron Gardenhire, and Liriano met with the media on Friday morning to talk about the incident. Ryan said that Liriano's status on the team will not be affected and there are no plans to fine or suspend the pitcher, but rather to let the law take its course.

"We're going to stand behind him," Ryan said. "I'm embarrassed about it. It puts us in a bad spot. We all make mistakes, and unfortunately Francisco made one the other night and he's going to pay the consequences."

Gardenhire said that he talked with Liriano about the seriousness of the charge. Though it's a difficult situation for the entire team to deal with, Gardenhire is proud of the way that Liriano has chosen to face it head on.

"This is a life learning lesson that we are all going to try to help him through, like you would your own kids or friends," Gardenhire said. "We're going to try to help him get through this thing and help him realize how serious and how tough of a situation this is.

"This organization stands behind our players. We have good men here and they do make mistakes. Everyone does."

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