Damon, Inge not worried about waivers

Damon, Inge not worried about waivers

DETROIT -- Both Johnny Damon and Brandon Inge had the same reaction to rumors on Friday that they had been placed on waivers: they weren't shocked, but they weren't worried.

As they agreed, it's part of the business, and it doesn't necessarily mean they're going anywhere.

"It could be something, or it could be nothing," Inge said. "Nobody really needs to worry about it, because nearly every player gets put on waivers."

By rule, club officials aren't allowed to comment publicly on waivers, and the Tigers are adhering to that policy. ESPN's Buster Olney reported on Twitter that both Damon and Inge were placed on waivers on Thursday.

Waivers are essentially a procedural move unless something happens from there. After the non-waiver Trade Deadline on July 31, players must clear waivers in order to be traded, or can be traded to the team that claims them. Otherwise, a team can pull them back off waivers and keep them.

Teams out of contention, and some teams in contention, will often put several players on waivers, some with little to no chance of being traded, others to see which teams might be interested. Players up for free agency at the end of a season are frequently placed on waivers. And teams will frequently put in a claim for a player on waivers with no intention of acquiring them, simply to block another team from getting them.

That could easily be the fate on Damon and Inge. Though Inge has been rumored to draw interest from some National League contenders, he would have to pass without a claim from any American League team and most NL clubs in order for an NL contender to have any chance at him.

Damon has a clause in his contract that requires his approval for a trade to all but eight Major League teams on a list he provided going into the season. Like Inge, Damon has expressed his interest in staying with the Tigers next year, though both are free agents.

"I'm not too concerned about it," Damon said. "I kind of knew it possibly would happen, but that doesn't mean something will. I know Detroit likes me. I know they would probably like to keep me, but if this is a way they can possibly save a little bit of money this year and get a prospect, then that's something they have to do.

"I made it clear that I would like to be back next year, but maybe the money that they'd save is something they can use to help this team be better next year."