Harrelson disappointed with White Sox output

Iconic broadcaster still optimistic Chicago can make postseason

Harrelson disappointed with White Sox output

CHICAGO -- Prior to the start of the 2015 season, iconic White Sox television play-by-play announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson said that a Cubs-White Sox World Series was a possibility for the first time in his long broadcasting career.

These teams now are more than halfway into this current campaign, and the White Sox haven't exactly held up their end of that prediction.

"This is the most disappointing season I've ever had," Harrelson told MLB.com prior to Thursday afternoon's series finale with the Blue Jays.

Harrelson, who has called White Sox games for 31 seasons and served one year as the team's general manager, said the 1984 season was the only other comparable to this one in terms of that disappointing feeling. The White Sox were coming off a 99-win American League West championship season in '83 and added Tom Seaver to their '84 rotation, but finished with 74 victories.

"That '83 club had the greatest chemistry of any club I've ever seen," Harrelson said. "This club does not have that kind of chemistry.

"Our '05 club had great chemistry. They just came together. This club is not ... . I think that's probably one of the reasons. We've played terribly bad defensively for a month and a half. That put us in a hole. Nothing will put a team in a hole, mentally, quicker than bad defense."

Harrelson still believes the White Sox have a postseason chance. He's looking for that common bond to galvanize this team.

"We are still not out of this thing," Harrelson said. "I'm telling you with the parity that we got, [Tigers first baseman Miguel] Cabrera is down, [Royals left fielder Alex] Gordon just went down, he's going to be out. If we can just get together and get a common bond.

"There are always defining moments in a season, days, games. Common bonds come along all the time. The secret is grabbing a hold and having 25 guys grab a hold of one, and hang on and use that the rest of the way. This club doesn't have that common bond yet. If they get it, we've got a chance to get there and get to the postseason."

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