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NEW YORK, July 8, 2015 - will debut this week the first phase of its online leaderboards showcasing new player metrics generated from MLBAM's tracking technology, winner of this year's MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Alpha Award for Best Analytics Innovation/Technology. The system has been fully operational in all 30 Major League ballparks since Opening Day.

Below is a sampling of individual performances via new hitting (Exit Velocity, Projected Distance) and fielding (Route Efficiency) metrics generated by the tracking technology. All rankings below represent data from 2015 MLB regular season games through July 7.

EXIT VELOCITY: Velocity of the ball off the bat on batted balls.

TOP INDIVIDUAL (measured in mph; *has more than one in top five overall)

American League

118.99 mph Nelson Cruz, SEA

117.71       Mike Trout, LAA

116.54       Alex Rodriguez, NYY

116.48       Hanley Ramirez, BOS

116.08       Avisail Garcia, CWS

National League

120.30 mph Giancarlo Stanton, MIA*

117.07       Carlos Gonzalez, COL

116.24       Jorge Soler, CHI

116.05       David Peralta, ARI

115.96       Bryce Harper, WSH

TOP INDIVIDUAL - HOME RUN (measured in mph; *has more than one in top five overall)

American League

116.54 mph Alex Rodriguez, NYY

115.89       Nelson Cruz, SEA

113.46       Mike Trout, LAA

113.11       Kennys Vargas, MIN

112.92       Eric Hosmer, KC

National League

119.20 mph Giancarlo Stanton, MIA*

115.27       David Peralta, ARI

112.87       Ryan Braun, MIL

112.37       Mark Reynolds, STL

112.29       Pedro Alvarez, PIT

PROJECTED DISTANCE (Home Runs): Calculates the distance of projected landing point at ground level on over-the-fence home runs.

TOP INDIVIDUAL (measured in feet; *has more than one in top five overall)

American League

483 ft        Nelson Cruz, SEA

481           Josh Donaldson, TOR

481           Hanley Ramirez, BOS

474           Justin Smoak, TOR

471           Alex Rodriguez, NYY

National League

479 ft         Giancarlo Stanton, MIA*

477             Kris Bryant, CHI

477             Joc Pederson, LAD

475             Brandon Belt, SF

474             Ryan Braun, MIL

DISTANCE COVERED: The total distance covered from batted ball contact to fielding the ball.

TOP SPEED: Measures the maximum speed at any point while tracking any ball hit into play.

ROUTE EFFICIENCY (Outfield): Divide the distance covered by the fielder by a straight-line distance between the player's position at batted ball contact and where the ball was fielded.


Josh Donaldson, TOR, June 24

Top Speed: 16.1 mph; Distance Covered: 80.6 feet

Andrew McCutchen, PIT, June 18

Top Speed: 19.3 mph; Distance Covered: 64.5 feet; Route Efficiency: 99.1%

Alex Gordon, KC, April 26

Top Speed: 18.6 mph; Distance Covered: 87 feet; Route Efficiency: 98.9%

Jose Altuve, HOU, June 28

Top Speed: 18.8 mph; Distance Covered: 119 feet

Lorenzo Cain, KC, April 9

Top Speed: 20.2 mph; Distance Covered: 101 feet; Route Efficiency: 98.8%

Mike Trout, LAA, May 13

Top Speed: 17.2 mph; Distance Covered: 71 feet; Route Efficiency: 98.0%

A.J. Pollock, ARI, April 19

Top Speed: 16.2 mph; Distance Covered: 34 feet; Route Efficiency: 98.3%

Bryce Harper, WSH, May 23

Top Speed: 19.6 mph; Distance Covered: 58 feet; Route Efficiency: 98.7%

Brett Gardner, NYY, April 20

Top Speed: 17.2 mph; Distance Covered: 78.5 feet; Route Efficiency: 97.8%

Joc Pederson, LAD, June 19

Top Speed: 19.0 mph; Distance Covered: 52 feet; Route Efficiency: 95.9%

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