Fred Zinkie

Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat

Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript below, and follow the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@tigerbulldog13: Would you rather own Kevin Jepsen or Carson Smith for the rest of the season?

Zinkie: Go with Smith, who has a better chance to collect saves.

@JJackson1523: Would you trade Eric Hosmer for Stephen Strasburg in a dynasty league?

Zinkie: If you are not competing to win this year, then make the trade. If you are in the race, then make the decision based on positional need.

@IronMetalRoses: Clay Buchholz is on the waiver wire. Who should I drop: Matt Moore, Brett Anderson or John Lackey?

Zinkie: Drop Moore, who will likely be inconsistent in the second half.

@lobue0225: Would you trade Matt Kemp and Troy Tulowitzki for Chris Davis, Jean Segura, and Yordano Ventura in a 12-team keeper league?

Zinkie: I would stick with your pair, especially if you are competing to win this year.

@MikeRock22: I've been offered Miguel Cabrera and C.J. Wilson for Francisco Rodriguez and Jacob deGrom. Do I take this deal, even with Miggy on disabled list?

Zinkie: No, you should stick with your two assets. If you need a hitter, trade a pitcher for one who can help now.

@NealHache13: Is Nick Ahmed worth starting over Ian Desmond?

Zinkie: Right now, yes. Desmond should be on the bench until he gets on track.

@CharlieMeyer11: Auction keeper league -- should I trade Carlos Rodon for Cole Hamels? Rodon is $2 and Hamels is $17.

Zinkie: It's a fair deal of win-now vs. win-later. Rodon could improve next season.

@BostondudeFan: Who wins this trade? Both Kyle Seager and Corey Seager for Matt Carpenter?

Zinkie: In a one-year league, it is pretty even. Slight lean to the team acquiring the Seagers.

@ShapFBB: What kind of pitcher can I get for Alex Gordon or Pablo Sandoval? Is Sandoval worth holding onto?

Zinkie: Aim for a struggling starter with upside, such as Gio Gonzalez.

@NSerisky: Which second basemen is the most promising for the rest of the year: Ian Kinsler, Joe Panik or Jimmy Paredes?

Zinkie: I will take the safe veteran, Kinsler. I would rank Panik second.

@pierretong: Should I trade Tyson Ross for Kyle Seager in a keeper league?

Zinkie: Yes, make the deal. Both players have promising futures, but Ross' walks are concerning.

@hknowlessss: I have Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Cabrera and George Springer on the disabled list -- any advice?

Zinkie: Float them on the trade market, and aim for above-average players who can help now.

@nmach10: I have Manny Machado at third base. Should I drop Matt Carpenter to grab a better bat for bench depth? It's a points league.

Zinkie: Can't drop Carpenter. Can try to trade him, or keep him for depth.

@Evan_Nicola: The only person I can viably drop is Edinson Volquez -- is Yordano Ventura worth a flier when he comes off the disabled list?

Zinkie: I wouldn't make room for Ventura. Hold Volquez until someone more exciting comes along.

@jM_lR: Would you rather own Kevin Gausman, Matt Moore or Andrew Heaney for the long run?

Zinkie: Gausman. Now that he is finally in the rotation, I'm excited about his potential.

@BencePal: Standard 5x5 h2h keeper league -- should I trade my Michael Wacha (11th-round keeper) for Jacob deGrom (fifth-round keeper)?

Zinkie: Yes. Wacha is a good pitcher, but deGrom is a notch better.

@DegrootJosh: I have Stephen Strasburg and he hasn't done well this year, but I feel like if I drop him, he will do better. Should I drop him?

Zinkie: Don't drop him. He could be dominant during August and September.

@BencePal: Matt Cain or Tommy Milone -- who would you prefer for this year?

Zinkie: I'm not especially excited about either, but I will take Cain.

@JeremyTiermini: Thoughts on Michael Brantley and Carlos Santana for second half?

Zinkie: Both players are good buy-low targets right now. Of the two, I prefer Brantley.

Fred Zinkie is the lead fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.