Pelfrey addressing arm-speed issues

Pelfrey addressing arm-speed issues

PHILADELPHIA -- Every once in a while, a pitcher's bullpen session intrigues the Mets more than usual.

So it was on Saturday, when manager Jerry Manuel rushed to the bullpen to watch Mike Pelfrey's routine session alongside pitching coach Dan Warthen and bullpen coach Randy Niemann. The group was interested to see if Pelfrey could correct the arm-speed issue that has plagued him in recent starts.

"I think he understands it," Manuel said. "That's a big part of the fight."

During last Wednesday's loss to the Braves, Warthen noticed that Pelfrey's arm speed was slowing on breaking balls and speeding up on fastballs -- a quick and easy way to telegraph pitches.

"I could feel it sometimes, that I was slowing down on offspeed pitches," Pelfrey said. "They just tried to emphasize again how important it is to keep the same arm speed on all your pitches."