Niehaus happy for Frick winner Elston

Niehaus happy for Frick winner Elston

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Plenty of Mariners fans were upset Tuesday when they learned that longtime team broadcaster Dave Niehaus didn't win the Ford C. Frick Award and will therefore have to wait at least another year to be honored by the Hall of Fame.

Niehaus, however, didn't share that reaction.

"I don't worry about it," Niehaus said via telephone. "I wasn't even aware that today was the day they would be announcing it. And besides, Gene Elston is a wonderful pick."

Elston, whose baseball broadcasting career spanned 47 years, primarily as a radio announcer for the Astros, was named the 2006 recipient of the Frick Award.

"I was a huge fan of Gene's when he was broadcasting for Mutual's Game of the Day [starting in 1958]," Niehaus said. "I'm really happy for him."

Mariners fans figure to be happy for Niehaus eventually. He was one of 10 finalists for the award out of an original list of more than 180 eligible broadcasters, and Niehaus led in the fan selection process for the third straight year.

"I'm honored by all of that," Niehaus said. "And frankly, I never expect to win this thing because I don't have the national exposure that other people have."

Niehaus said he's looking forward to heading down to Arizona to broadcast the upcoming Mariners Cactus League games and that he wouldn't spend much time lamenting the fact that he didn't make the Hall this time around.

"If it happens someday, it happens," Niehaus said. "I don't lay awake at night thinking about it. Obviously, it would be the ultimate. But I'm not devastated."

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