Let the Gift Guru be Santa's helper

Let the Gift Guru be Santa's helper

Holiday shopping season has officially begun, and online consumer spending during this year's season is expected to reach $19 billion -- up 24 percent over last year. Most baseball fans are now as comfortable finding the perfect holiday gift over the Internet as they are sitting behind the plate for a playoff clincher.

Whether you're looking for a White Sox Parade Sweatshirt or some Alex Rodriguez Bubble Gum, the Gift Guru's suggestions will make your shopping even more fun.

Let the questions and the shopping begin:

GG, my Mom tried to show me how to quilt, but I spend all my spare time following baseball. I keep trying to tell her I don't want to quilt. I want to watch Derek Jeter. How can I show her how I feel without hurting her feelings? -- Louise in Long Island

Show Mom you love her as much as Jeter and give her a G-III New York Yankees Women's Quilted Jacket. It's the perfect compromise: She will understand your passion, and you can borrow it from her.

I know I am not the only person who has asked you this: How can I get one of those new leather-sleeve jackets that managers like Ozzie Guillen were wearing in the dugout during the postseason? I'm thinking about taking a job further north and want to be ready just in case. -- Sweet Lou from Tampa

Everyone seems to want a Wool and Leather Coach's Jacket, and the White Sox version is in dwindling supply thanks to all that facetime for Oz. Maybe there's a special place in your heart for this Mariners version. These jackets are ideal for the winter and even next April's games. Many different styles can be found if you click on Men at the MLB.com Shop, then select Outerwear for your favorite team.

They say I am a gifted child because I am only 18 months old and I am already e-mailing the Gift Guru himself. But that's not the kind of "gifted" I had in mind, if you know what I mean. -- Billy in Cleveland

You have to like a kid who knows what he wants in life. You probably are way past the Santa thing already, so just tell the folks to look hard at the Kid Galaxy Cleveland Indians Remote Control Bullpen Car. Alternately, you can find toys, clothes, trading cards and other items for kids at the MLB.com Shop.

I can only watch "Christmas with the Kranks" so many times. I was wondering what kind of DVDs you have for the holidays. -- Stephen in Hollywood

DVDs are among the hottest items in the MLB.com Shop, and the best place to start is the 2005 World Series DVD. It's a must for every fan who waited for that team to end its 88-year drought. One of the biggest sellers in the history of the MLB.com Shop -- the Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Collector 12-DVD Set -- is reduced for holiday shopping from $129.99 to $99.99. Another hot DVD is the A & E Video The New York Yankees: Fall Classic Collectors' Edition 1996-2001 DVD Set.

Two words: What's hot? -- Sam in South Beach

Two words: Zippo Lighter.

Hey, Guru -- can I burn my own CDs of past games so I can make a keepsake for my new baby to watch when he grows up? -- Paulie in Chicago

Sure. Just order any game from the past season at $3.95 through MLB.com's exclusive Digital Download Service. When you get the link, you can download the file of that full broadcast to your hard drive and burn your own CD. You can do the same for classic baseball broadcasts, or download Minivision highlight clips at 99 cents a pop.

All I want for Christmas is Roger Clemens back. -- Buzz Boy in Houston

All the Gift Guru can promise (again) is a customized No. 22 Clemens jersey. The rest is up to the Rocket. The holiday pick here is the gray road jersey, as a tribute to that untouchable run Clemens had going on the road in the first half of the 2005 season. Customized jerseys are always a popular holiday gift, but keep an eye on the Hot Stove League if your favorite player is a free agent.

How can I get one of those cool knit caps like Scott Stapp is wearing in the music videos he recorded at your MLB.com studios? -- Ex-Creed fan in Toronto

These are even cooler because you can have a Blue Jay logo right on the front. Or whatever team makes you wanna rock.

GG, when I look back on 2005, what stands out the most to me was Bobby Abreu hitting 24 balls over the wall in the first round of the Home Run Derby in Detroit. I still think it was one of the most amazing things I have seen in sports. My brother and I were there and I would like to get him something to always remember it. -- Bengie and Yadier

If you were there or watched on TV, then you remember the CENTURY 21 Home Run Derby Golden Ball that was substituted each time a batter was down to his final out. You may also remember that the officially licensed MLB ball from Rawlings was made available exclusively to MLB.com and in limited supply, and for just $49.95 you can still order one of those two-toned keepsakes. Get Abreu to sign it in 2006.

I especially like that Live at Fenway Park CD/DVD y'all are offering to Parrotheads, but I wondered what else a pirate could get his hooks into around here. -- Jimmy in Margaritaville

The cannons don't thunder, there's nothin' to plunder, but circle July 11 on your new JF Turner Pittsburgh Pirates 2006 Box Calendar because an All-Star Game at PNC Park will be a wonder.

I'm all over this Nationals bandwagon and I was wondering if I can give 2006 season tickets or single-game tickets as a gift. -- Anonymous Source, Capitol Hill

MLB.com is your one-stop home for purchasing tickets to any 2006 game, and maybe you just noticed that the main ticketing page here has a brand-new look. Ordering tickets is easier and more popular every year, and all you have to do is find the games you want and give the tickets to that special fan. You will be asked to disclose your name and we won't tell anyone.

I was thinking that A.J. Burnett would make a nice gift out here. What do you think of that? -- Peter in San Francisco

This should help, but don't break it.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.